Last saturday we had a little family adventure. We've been hearing about this "coffee shop on the river" from friends for what seems like years. That morning felt like the right time to check it out. I feel like we found out about this amazing secret, but it's one too good not to share.
Nestled back off of Aker's Mill (on the Chattahoochee River) is this lodge-like coffee house. It is definitely off of the beaten path and even with directions we still had trouble finding it. The coffee house is located inside (aka through the gate) of an apartment complex: Walton on the Chattahoochee, and you have to dial 101 to get in. It feels like a speakeasy almost!
Once inside you can either stay indoors and enjoy the great views of the river, sit on the patio and enjoy the great views, or make your way down to wear you are literally on the water. There are picnic tables, swings, and private seating at every turn and it was so quiet and peaceful. Sam and I felt an instant calm wash over us as we sat and ate our breakfast and drank our coffees (which by the way, were stellar). Matilda loved throwing stones and exploring the trees and boulders. It was the perfect way to spend the morning. If you're in the Atlanta area or visiting, I highly recommend it.

6640 Akers Mill Road SE
Atlanta, GA 30339

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  1. Please take me here next time I'm home!

    1. I was actually planning on it! I though about you while we were there.

  2. It is lovely there. I almost lived at the apartments in 2008 and thought how dangerous it would be to have that coffeehouse right in the complex! Then my hubs worked as barista there for a stint 2 years ago. Great coffee and an even better atmosphere. I can imagine it would be great with kids now that I have a baby.

  3. I've been to their other location, fantastic coffee and great mission! I don't live in atl so I order online. I love the naturally flavored coconut blend!

  4. Oh my gosh, once I went on my lunch break when I worked over there, and yes, it is SO HARD TO FIND!


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