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My little girl and I had a pancake date this morning. I woke up feeling really discouraged that a. I'm still pregnant b. I'm still coughing c. we're dealing with a crappy personal situation etc and so forth and I thought, "what's happy?" Then I thought of Matilda, our baby, and Sam and all of the things I have to be thankful for and I decided that pancakes were necessary for the gloomy morning. If nothing else it would be a time to avoid the nasty political commentary online and to get some great face time with that cutie up there.

Matilda wanted to wear that hat and mittens all morning and she just warms my heart. She said, "I just love ------- SO much. I can't wait for her to get here. I love her." Music to my ears. I've had to have some tests done over the past week to check on our girl and I fully believe that everything is fine but it's been hard and I've really been feeling alone in it all. Texts and messages are so appreciated but it's always nice to hear from friends, too. I'll have to remember this in the future when my other mama friends get down to the wire. It can be a real emotional and draining time.

So, this post was supposed to be about dealing with waiting...

  • When you have another little one, you don't have as much downtime, but I've been trying to make an effort to have special dates with my girl. Something to look forward to!
  • I've been keeping a journal that ranges from dr appt updates to, "I can't wait for you to get here" pleas. I wish I had been better about keeping up with it but I'm writing a lot right now.
  • Make sure to get all of your thank you notes written. This becomes so much harder post baby.
  • Cook, make lots of freezer meals to tide you and your family over. I started a board here with lots of recipes.
  • Read, get inspired by other birth stories and books like this one.
  • Take time to spend bonding with your man. For us that's usually a favorite tv show (we're hooked on Homeland) and a dinner with follow up commentary.
  • Beg your friends to come over. It is so hard to get out when you feel frumpy and uncomfortable, but so wonderful to have company.
  • Make healthy smoothies to boost your system. This is my favorite.
  • Have g-chat dates with your oldest friends. I laughed so many times talking to my hilarious friend Claire this week.
  • Write down prayers of blessings over your little one(s) and wishes for their life.
  • Take naps! Get 'em in while you can.

    Would love to hear your suggestions for biding your time during the final days of pregnancy. Everyone I know who was expecting has had their baby. I know they come out but I feel a bit despaired. I just can't wait to meet her. Love to all of you!

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    1. i can't even remember what i did in the final days with elle besides feel sorry for myself and mall walk (since she was born in february)! praying for you! hope she comes soon because i can't wait to know her name!!!!!!

      1. i have the feeling sorry for me thing down pat! thank you so much kari beth. i can't wait to share!

    2. I couldn't have read this at a better time! I am now 4 days over due and have struggled these past days! Getting a pedicure and a trip to target (my fav store) has helped cheer me up a little! Hang in there we can do it!

    3. you're doing so great, lesley! she'll be here before you know it! :) praying for you... lora

    4. i very much enjoyed this post. thank you for sharing.

    5. You're right - she has to come out eventually! You are so close!I am 36 weeks pregnant and have really enjoyed reading your blog. Ida Mae's books were some of my favorites. Now i have moved on to reading trashy novels. These days I am working full time, so that keeps me busy. My non-work hours are spent waddling up and down hills in my neighborhood, doing yoga, and watching the TV show "Monk" with my husband.

    6. hang in there! you are doing great and she will be here soon!! Be gentle with yourself.


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