My little Pocahontas! We really did it up this year. I took Matilda trick or treating at Sam's work and then we met up with friends on their adorable street for a Halloween parade (the mayor even judged the costumes!) with pizza and trick or treating. We have spent every Halloween with our really good friends and neighbors and were so happy they were able to join, too.

This week has been really draining, so it was a total break from all of the worry and stress. We felt like we were in a movie! It was such a festive night. Hope you guys had an awesome Halloween too.

and just for fun... halloweens of the past!

Have a great weekend!

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  1. preeecious!! Love. Man, I do like those Snow White pictures of Matilda! That wig is the. best. Glad your Halloween was fun -- it looks right outta Hocus Pocus! (that house!) xo

  2. Squealing with delight over her cute costumes! I remember when you made her that flower and oh my, her chef costume!!!!!!! Jude was a chicken this year, which was extremely funny given his obsession with chicken's and the chicken he thinks Matt has.

    Can't believe you'll have two to dress up next year!

    Matt and I will be home Dec. 20-27, btw. :) So let's plan another girls' night at Kate's!

  3. Matilda makes a great indian princess and Sam looks like he was in the spirit too! So glad you had such a fun night! We don't get trick or treaters at our house, so it is fun to see the costumes. Wow, they grow up so fast!


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