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I've wrapped up all of my pre-baby work and these next few days will be dedicated to resting and pruning our little nest. We spent all day yesterday cleaning and I finally feel ready to bring that little bundle home. I think we're all on pins and needles as we wait. To distract myself I've been pinning up a storm and thinking about home projects for the new year. We've been in our little house for 6 years and the main body of the house is in need of a makeover. I really want to paint everything with a bright coat of white (including the kitchen cabinets!). We have an open floor plan and not a ton of light so I think that would help. I absolutely love this kitchen. I think a subway tile backsplash with a chalkboard wall for pots and pans are also in the works. Fun, huh?

Although I am very aware that our little lady will determine her own birthday (eek!), I still can't help but be curious about tips + tricks for getting labor going. I asked for your help on facebook and got a whole slew of suggestions. Some of them had me laughing out loud! I'm not the most patient person and well I'm just dying to meet her. I also cannot wait to wear normal clothing. I know that will take some time but all of the great fall fashion I've been seeing has me craving cute skinny cords, nubby cardigans, polka dot blouses, and pom pom hats...

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  1. I cannot wait to meet her either--I'll get to hold this lil one at just four (or so) weeks! I had to wait 3 months to meet Matilda. Christmas will be extra exciting for me this year!

    If you need to be distracted in the coming days, call me to discuss more PLL deets.

    Love you.

  2. I love the bright white also. I'd love to paint our kitchen cabinets but, it totally intimidates me! Excited to hear about the arrival of your new little one!

  3. Sex!! Solo if you're not up for it. ;) And an enema (at the hospital) got my contractions going like crazy. The old (old, OLD) nurse that gave it to me called it "the gift" because it works like a charm, apparently. LOL.

  4. Hello Lesley, I'm coming to your site via your homemade grits blog because your "create your own nativity scene" was pinned on Pinterest. Which I was delighted to see because I have five year old twins, and last year we bought a ceramic nativity scene, and they desperately wanted to play with it and two of the kings were accidentally broken and we superglued them back together. This is much more kid friendly! Thank you for this grand idea and the directions! I have yet to find a wooden set for them to play with! My five year olds were induced so I have no labor tricks for you, but I wish you and your baby girl a healthy delivery!

  5. I keep wishing and hoping that there'll be an announcement on here:) Fingers crossed for you that she is already here or on her way soon!!!!


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