Oh, this little space isn't getting as much attention is it? These days I have not a moment to myself it seems, all a part of the new baby process. The first year with your newest addition is quite the adjustment. I remember it taking at least 6 months with Matilda before I felt like I was in a groove. I feel like a new mom all over again. Finding out what works, constantly googling things like, "my baby just spit up out her nose," and peeling my eyes open each morning. I'm covered in milk and whoknowswhat and I'm lucky if I have time to get dressed, if I do it's usually not until 2. Oh, and my nails, seriously lacking in attention.
It's not just me that's adjusting. My sweet husband has been taking over with cooking and cleaning while I nurse and read to Matilda. Matilda needs me and that's been the hardest adjustment because we're not able to do the same things we used to. I know we'll get there again but right now I feel like I'm constantly nursing or needing to hold little Phoebe who doesn't like being put down all that much. She really is the sweetest baby. My heart explodes when I watch her and Matilda together. Matilda has blown me away with her care of her and love for her. We stopped by my sister's house and Matilda had a drink and we said, "cheers!" and she said, "cheers to Phoebe!" Heart=exploding. So blessed to be their mother.
Sam and I haven't had as much time together. We've been trading off and passing the parenting baton. At night by the time we get Matilda tucked in, we exchange a few words and then I'm in the bed. He helps at night during the weekend, but during the week I'm on night time duty and it is HARD. By friday I'm a walking zombie. It's getting easier though and I'm hoping to get Phoebe in some sort of routine this week. We'll see...
Mentally I'm feeling frumpy, wanting to lose the baby weight but stuck in convenience throw-that-quiche-in-the-oven mode. Taking the time to eat healthy seems so challenging right now, when I really need to be eating well. Hoping to figure that one out here soon as well. It just seemed like putting that off until after the holidays was a good move. My closet is a joke. Nothing fits, and I basically live in nursing tanks, jeans, and scarves these days. So thankful for accessories that cover me up (read: HUGE boobs). Let's just say I'm asking for shoes this year. They always fit. Ha!
I know this is a beautiful season in my life. I'm taking things a day at a time and praying that grace takes over in moments of frustration and exhaustion. That kind words would pour out of me for my family. We're all doing the best we can. So thankful for them and our friends and family who have swooped in to help. Grateful. My house and laundry room won't always look like this... right?

Here are some of my "new mom" essentials:
  • Episodes of Parenthood while nursing. Favorite show.
  • Bars of chocolate like this.
  • Love this bra.
  • Instagram for quicks snaps and a connection to the outside world.
  • These swaddling blankets.
  • For fresh water.

    these gorgeous photos were taken by the incredible Jessica Mahady

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    1. Love this post. My new baby is almost 5 months and i am JUST getting to the point where we have sort of a routine. his older sis is 2. life is. . crazy. could totally relate to this post! beautiful beautiful pictures!

      1. this gives me hope! thank you laura <3

    2. i loved this post! you are amazing. i wish i lived near you i would bring you pre cut celery and carrots and home made hummus. and other healthy snacks. i agree with parenthood! great show! thanks for the constant inspiration!

      1. i would love that, too! thank you for the sweet words toria!!

    3. Definitely hold out on worrying about the baby weight until after the holidays. ; )

    4. your girls are BEAUTIFUL! thank-you for this honest post, this look into your world. Matilda saying, "Cheers to Phoebe" melts my heart.

      Well I say Cheers to you Mama! <3

      ps. i am so glad Claire told me about "Parenthood" and that I started watching it after Felix was born (so recently). Sometimes breastfeeding felt like a chore. Thanks to my instant addiction and love for the show, i looked forward to nursing to catch up on the Bravermans. :)

      1. thank you sweet micaela! so glad that you share my love for the bravermans :)

    5. I know those first few months are SO challenging but hang in there!!! Love all the sweet photos and thanks for sharing those sweet little wrinkled feet. They are the best!

    6. I hear you. You'll find your groove. And beautiful pictures!

    7. Beautiful photos! I know you're doing a phenomenal job getting into the groove. And, if you're having a moment of any kind, I'm glad you have "Parenthood" as an escape! (Seriously, BEST. SHOW. EVER.) Sending you a big hug. xo

    8. What beautiful precious pictures and such a special time! I feel like it always took me at least 6 months with each new babe to say "phew, ok, here I am. I think I got this under semi-control!" lol.
      Hang tight and be gentle with yourself-especially with the frumps :) It's never easy-but you'll emerge this Spring from your chrysalis!
      Thinking of you a lot!

    9. My family is a year out from a newborn and a two year old. I remember thinking that people had better not act like I was a pro because I felt like a first time mom all over again. I joked that I was a first time mom of two. It's true, everything is different with #2. I wish I had more time for sleepy naps and snuggles with my second while he was an infant, but as soon as he fell asleep I felt like I owed it to my daughter to spend time with her.
      Sometimes I still wonder if I could have done things differently, but at the end of the day, I have to believe that all the love shared between my two kids makes up for, by far, my love I have to now split between them.
      Take all the help you can get, and I mean it!!
      And take pride in those unknown wet spots. A nursing mom is as close to a superhero as I think anyone can get :)

    10. Adorable photos !
      I read carefully your post. Cause I'm on the way of nursing my 2nd baby (due early may).
      I'm aware that's a lot of love and changes too. It's all about time and organization, i guess.
      Thanks for sharing your moments with us.

    11. beautiful pictures, thanks for sharing.

    12. Just catching up on your blog. Your family is beautiful. I have two boys and am experiencing the same heart "exploding" whenever I see my 3 year old loving on his 10 month brother.

      I was just reminiscing about how I lost a little of myself each time a newborn came along... then found me again and so much more once the new addition settled in. You are right... It is a beautiful time in our lives, so precious.

      Btw, I have the same Bravado bra and it is my fave!


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