tasting | cold coffee + m&ms (my diet is embarrassing these days)
smelling | matilda and phoebe's heads
seeing | matilda play with her new holga camera (just like yours mommy!)
hearing | the sound of rain and the tv with weather reports
touching | samples of roofing (I chose weathered wood if you're interested)

I've spent the morning with the girls getting in and out of the basement. Storms are popping up all over Georgia. It's been an action packed week, so at day at home in our pajamas was just what the doctor ordered. I think we'll get take out tonight too. Have a feeling Sam's in for a long commute...

Renovations are exciting and scary. I feel like a new expense pops up every day. Trying to keep my head. May just have to make a few sacrifices and put our handy hats on. Sam googled, "how to lay penny tile." Apparently, it's not all that easy. Ha!

Can't wait to share with you more about our design process and lots of pictures. In case you were worried, we do have a roof and there are shingles on it! Thankful.

Would love to hear your senses today...

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  1. Love your pictures!!! My senses at this moment are:
    Seeing: Misty rain outside...
    Hearing: My baby cough when she should be napping
    Smelling: Turkey Taco Soup in the Crockpot
    Feeling: The precious heaviness of the babe in my tummy
    Tasting: My afternoon cup of coffee

    1. thanks angela! hope your little one feels better. taco soup... yum!

  2. I love that Matilda has her own Holga. I hope there is film in it because wouldn't you just love to see the world through her eyes.

    seeing: another hour of work ahead
    hearing: our big dog bark at the rain (he's afraid, ha!)
    smelling: rain through the window
    feeling: excited for things to come
    tasting: green tea getting cold

    1. right?! we are going to get her some film for sure. i'm excited for you too!

  3. They're so sweet and I wish I could hang out with all of you right now!

    I've been hearing all about the GA storms but it sounds like everyone's okay. Stay safe!

    Can't wait to see more house pics (and see it in person when I'm home next, whenever that is!).

    1. we're fine! can't wait to have you over. :)

  4. I LOVE my Holga camera! I actually did my senior art show using a Holga! I absolutely love how it captures moments. Completely unlike any other camera I've used. And developing prints is such a therapeutic art form. Check out my blog! I just did a post of my prints! (

  5. Your "smelling" sense is my favorite! Oh the sweet smell of wee pure baby skin.
    Today I
    See:sun kissing the insanely gorgeous, romantic camilla bush in our backyard
    Hear: windchimes. And, a Spotify playlist I made and have had on repeat. Includes Dolly Parton, Linda Ronstadt, Iris Dement.
    Smell: Earth. Been digging up gorgeous breakfast radishes and greens from the garden. Eeeep!
    Taste: Lots of oranges lately. Also leeks - in soups, omelets, straight out of the skillet.
    Feel: warm heart, cold hands.

  6. So glad you had a roof yesterday! We were afraid ours would be blown off!! One of the tornadoes that went thru Paulding County went right over our house, but thankfully, it must have been too far off the ground to cause any damage. I know our insurance company is happy for that too! Our barn roof has had sections blown off 3 times in 6 years. I don't like the sound of wind, needless to say. Love seeing the pictures of the girls. Hope to see you soon!

    1. so glad that you guys are ok! what a crazy day of weather. you guys are kind of a tornado's dream come true. hope to see you soon too!


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