I am working on the kitchen design right now and had to meet with the electrician the other day. These are how those meetings go when I have my littles in tow.

Jimmy: "So, where do you want the lights?"
Me: "Matilda don't squeeze her face."
Me: "Ummmm (baby crying in background)."
Jimmy: "No, you can't put those there. No lights can go here."
Me: "OK, where can I put them?"
Jimmy: "Well, you could put can lights in or pendants over here."
Me: "Ummmmm."
Jimmy: "Well..."
Me: "Uh, Ok. Three here, one there."
Jimmy: "Well, you can't put three here."
Me: "OK, do whatever you think." Baby crying, Matilda whining in the background. AHAHAHAHA.

I got home and went on Pinterest and started panicking because I knew I'd made a bad call. I just had a million can lights taken out of the ceiling, why was I going to put them back in?! Had Jimmy already installed them? As I was looking through my kitchen pins, I came across that top photo and I was like "!!!Perfect!!!" I love how small the porcelain sockets are and that they have an industrial, but pretty and simple look to them. I'm pretty smitten. Luckily, I caught Jimmy in time.

You can buy the ones I picked out here.

top two photos via remodelista
bottom photo via contemporist

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