Hope you all are having a happy love day. Wether you're single or have multiple valentines, who doesn't love an excuse for pretty flowers, chocolate, lots of pink, and sparkles?! The best. Matilda and I made homemade valentines which she cut out all by herself #proudmom. I should really give her more credit. Sometimes I think that I have to hold her hand through everything and that girl is smart. We made them for her teachers, our family and it was all Tinkerbell for her friends. We love Tink 'round here. My girls got spoiled with the cutest Valentine clothes from my Daddy and their great grandparents.

My sweet Sam surprised me this morning with the prettiest of blooms. He knows I'm not a red roses kinda girl. Aren't these lovely?! It was pretty amazing to see them first thing as I stumbled downstairs at 4:30 am (couldn't sleep) but what touched me the most is that he dug through our boxes to find a vase!

I hosted my very first class party with another mama! I feel so official. I attempted to cut hearts out of strawberries. Ha. It was sweet and short and no one listened to my story that I read. They were hopped up on sugar. I could tell the moms had raided pinterest for some fun valentine ideas. We just went store bought this year. Ain't no shame. Hope you all feel loved today. XO
PS loved hearing about your wake up habits! Next week I'll be sharing a tip about laundry aka my worst enemy.

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  1. i love that little sweater with the heart on it! :) and ruth has the same pink heart tights that matilda has! :) happy valentines day, lesley!

  2. What beautiful photos! I just LOVE that little heart sweater. Happy Love day to you and yours!

  3. I have to agree the sweater is adorable. And so are your girls. Enjoying all the posts!

  4. that baby sweater. eeee! and matilda's outfit! you guys do vday fashion well.

  5. Such a sweet Valentine's Day!
    (We did store-bought, too! Shh! LOL)


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