I've had a few people ask me where we are in our renovation so I wanted to share a few recent pics. I've been documenting the entire process (you're shocked I'm sure) but I want to save most of them so that you can see the dramatic before and after. Here's a peak at the front of the house (and our contractor Mark - hi Mark!). We have a roof! With all of the crazy weather we've had lately I am really thankful for that. The shingles are up now too. Happy with the weathered wood choice. Phew.

The stairs as well as the upstairs have all been framed. We had originally wanted to do these quaint attic bedrooms, but the ceilings were just going to be too low, so we opted to do a full on second story (as well as all new electrical and plumbing!). We did recycle the pine rafters and we'll use those as flooring. We got a sample back from the mill shop and they turned out beautifully. They are putting up the siding this week as well as they leveled the floors in the hall (bad addition - uneven floors, uneven ceiling, etc had to be repaired). They ripped out the floor for the mud room (good thing we didn't just leave the original bathroom - would have most likely fallen through the floor eventually). No big.

Matilda loves going up into her room and I take the girls here as little as possible. It's a serious construction zone. That picture, bottom right, is the framing for our new fireplace. We've always wanted one and that hole, well the hole freaks me out. Again, why I don't take the girls there often.

We met with a team member of the renovators we'll be using to help us in the kitchen. We've decided to do an IKEA kitchen. Any of you do that in a renovation? I think we're going with the ADEL cabinets. I like the shaker look. I'm also going a little outside the box on the hardware. Excited about that.

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  1. Oh my gosh! How exciting! It's my dream to totally renovate a house like this someday. How lucky you are to be able to make everything exactly how you want it! You need to have an open house party sort of thing and show it off after everything is done.

    1. that would be so fun! it is so intimidating but awesome! wish i had a clearer head. i feel like i'm always making decisions while the girls are wanting my attention. here's hoping i made good ones...

  2. wow! it looks amazing. you're so blessed, lesley!

  3. we are nowhere near being in our 'forever home'. but, when that day comes, i think it would be so fun to purchase a fixer-upper and completely renovate it. stressful, and i would probably doubt and second-guess every decision we make, but still fun!

    i can't wait to see the before and after :)

  4. Looking fabulous! I can't wait until you can decorate (and give me some ideas ;)).

  5. Oh, I feel like this new house has such an awesome vibe! Its funny because we are also moving our studio/office and the new space (which is under renovations also) looks a lot like your new home!

    Enjoy the progress + the process.

  6. So excited for your progress. :) Can't wait to see pics once it's done (especially of your decorating!) and to see it in person next time I get home (don't know when).

    I'll call you sometime soon (maybe this weekend?) so we can catch up. Love you.

  7. Thanks for the update looks beautiful! Wow, I'm so jealous how fast it is all coming together for you! WE are our general contractors and are doing everything ourselves (ENTIRE renovation here...hvac, electric, plumbing, plaster, everything!) overwhelming. Paying out of pocket for the house and all renovations so we'll be completely debt free. And, trying to coordinate everything from 400 miles away in a town we aren't familiar with is just beyond crazy. You are making this look quick and so simple! Amazing!! Keep up the posting, they inspire me and keep me seeing the light at the end of the tunnel!


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