Phoebe is three months old! I really can't believe it, with everything that has happened since she was born it almost feels like one big blur right now. She has the sweetest, sweetest temperament. Everyone says so. She is also talking up a storm. I love her big, toothless grins. This little baby smiles all the time! She's wanting to put everything in her mouth right now... my hair, my jacket, her hands, the carrier, on and on. The one thing she doesn't want to put in her mouth is a paci. She gags every time. Little Bee is weighing in at almost 13 lbs and she has the most amazing rolls. Love that girl. Also, we may see a bit of red in that hair. We'll see!

We are still co-sleeping (which we had stopped by this time with Matilda) and little Bee is waking up multiple times still. I feel like a zombie (or Mombie per my friend Jessie). It's pretty funny though. She scoots all swaddled up over to me and kicks me with her little feet to wake me up. Can't help but laugh every time. A friend recommended this book to me but if you have other sleep advice... I'm all ears!

We decided to have birth announcements made for our family (better late than never). I really love this design by Tiny Prints. Tiny Prints has the cutest cards. I've used them for birthdays and Christmas cards and the quality is always top notch. I'm pretty much obsessed with how they turned out and I get so happy every time I open the fridge and see that little face. You can see the rest of their birth announcement designs here. I really love this one and this was a close second.

cards gifted by tiny prints, all opinions are my own.

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  1. What a sweetheart. Tiny prints is our "go-to" for cards, too (and minted, sometimes). Everything always comes out beautifully! From a fellow Mombie (love that! hehe), if you find something that works please share!! Josephine is still waking 2-3 times a night.

  2. We got the birth announcement and it is residing on our fridge. So cute! Love it! Lauren was 4 before she slept thru the night, I hope you have more luck then I did!

  3. Love the announcement, adorable! I really like the Baby Whisperer. She doesn't suggest extreme techniques like Ferber. She uses common sense, which is sometimes hard to come by when you are low on sleep! :)

  4. This is the most beautiful birth announcement. I love it! And having such a pretty baby doesn't hurt ;)

  5. Your nails are painted! You got it together, girl!:)

  6. She really is super happy! It was fun getting to see you guys last Friday - or, at least, sit at the same table. Lol. I couldn't believe how big Phoebe is now!

  7. We co-slept for the first three months or so too - I'm sure you've already experienced a lot of this when you had Matilda, but we were gift the Moms on Call book and swaddle. It can be kinda of feverish, but we took what we needed from it (i.e. the bedtime routine, a long stretch before her bedtime feeding) That swaddle combo'd with the white noise machine got hour daughter "sleeping through the night" (about 6 hours at her longest stretch) by the time she was 4 months. Now she sleeps about 11 hours and rarely wakes in the night.

    You won't be Mombie forever, but I bet its tough going through the reno without much rest.


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