Sam and I got married a week after I turned 24. He was still in school finishing out his last simester. We lived in an old apartment off Briarcliff rd, we had a slew of friends that lived in the same complex. We were kids exploring our new world. Sam could barely hang a picture and I don't think I had ever really cooked dinner (other than like Easy mac or something). We were poor and we were happy.

Since then we've been through more than most couples: taking care of Sam's parents after hurricane Katrina (wish I had done some things differently), within a couple of years we lost them both (miss them every day), I was pregnant, I gave birth to Matilda, we both have had career highs and lows, dealt with heartbreak, we bought our first house, the economy hit us hard, we are renovating our second house, and little Phoebe just recently came along. So many wonderful memories, more so than sad ones. It has made us stronger. We love each other more than ever.

I'm so grateful that God had us meet on livejournal (way before blogs) all those years ago. Sam is way more than what my twenty-something self thought (and I thought a lot about him!). He's incredibly strong. He's a rock for our family. He works so hard for us. He's ridiculously creative and handy (oh I have so many projects in store for him. ha!). He's really easy on the eyes too.

Love doing life with you Sam. Here's to many, many more years of craziness. XO

wedding picture by tom smarch
last photo by jessica mahady

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  1. Happy anniversary! (You actually never say that it is your anniversary, but I'm going to go ahead and assume it is). You guys are super cute. :)

  2. how cool - today is my 2nd anniversary! have a happy one!!

  3. Happy #8, pretty lady! These photos warm my heart. Hugs to you two.

  4. I spy, Leopold's! My favorite Savannah stop. :) Congratulations on 8 years, Lesley & Sam!

    1. LOVE leopold's! thanks brianne!!

  5. Such a beautiful couple! Happy Anniversary!

  6. My husband and I got married at 23/24 as well and we were just kids. It's amazing how many things we've gone through in the past 6 years.

    Happy anniversary

  7. y'all are the cutest couple, lesley! you totally look like you go together. :)

  8. Congrats on 8 years. I got married at 24 last summer. I'm 25 now. My husband is 31. I think it's insane to see how much has happened and as a result how much growth has taken place in the short 8 months we've been married. I'm excited to see what the next 8 years will have in store for us.

  9. 8 years?! Oh my goodness how time flies. Cheers to many more!


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