I'm taking a really fun class for work called Blog Boss which is an e-class created by Holly Becker of Decor8. Holly is an incredible teacher and has a lot of great insight. Our homework this week is to choose blogs that we love and to tell why. I wanted to share some of my favorites with you as part of the assignment (I am loving being a student for a few weeks!). All of their links will appear at the bottom of the post so you can check them out for yourself.

1. The first blog I wanted to share is Pencil Box. I love this blog so much that one night when I was pregnant, I read almost the entire thing in one sitting. The blog is written by Katie Stratton who is an artist. You may have seen her beautiful work in Kinfolk. She is incredibly creative and I love her photos. As a visual person, I am drawn to photo-heavy blogs. She has a little boy Max who is full of this magical energy and she also has a Phoebe who is just a few months older than mine. Katie recently got engaged to her longtime beau and she just shares their lives in a beautiful way. Love.

2. Oh Joy! is one of the bigger blogs that I read, a mega blog if you will. Joy Cho is a successful graphic designer and author. I've read two of her books and loved them both. She is super savvy, at the top of her game, and certainly inspirational. I love that her blog has taken on a more personal tone since the birth of her adorable daughter Ruby. I love watching my favorite bloggers evolve and grow. Some of my favorite features of hers are "currently snacking on" and "Oh Joy Eats." I love her collaborations with her friend Bonnie Tsang who takes some of the most gorgeous photos for the blog.

3. You Are My Fave is bright + fun (two things I love in a blog). The author Melanie Blodgett is extremely witty (a quality I admire more than most) and she shares really creative DIYs, party ideas, and a few personal tidbits from time to time (you will melt when you see her CUTIE baby boy, Beck). I always feel a bit more inspired after reading her blog which is what I love so much about blogs in general. My favorite series of hers is "Faves in a Box." Example: "Filling Easter Baskets is My Fave." So adorable!

4. Love and Lemons. Healthy and pretty blogs used to be a hard pairing to find but lucky for me there have been a lot of them springing up lately. Husband and wife team Jack Mathews and Jeanine Donofrio are  based out of Austin, TX. I love their use of fresh ingredients and their unique food pairings. Makes you want to jump in the kitchen and speaking of kitchens... there's is gorgeous! So much culinary eye candy. Like their kitchen and the food, their posts are clean, modern, and effortless.

5. I am naturally drawn to home blogs right now because we are renovating. Yvestown has been my go-to for inspiration. Yvonne Eijkenduijn is my kind of lady. I love her aesthetic. I even posted a picture of her kitchen in this post. She has great how-tos, beautiful pictures, and loads of photos of her stunning home. She favors white and pastels which I love and loads of Cath Kidson. So dreamy.

6. 100 Layer Cake-let is a family blog from the creators of the very popular wedding blog: 100 Layer Cake. This is a new blog, but already it's one of my favorites. Gorgeous birthday party inspiration, must-haves, and baby shower inspiration. Bookmark this one for sure.

7. Ashley Bailey, the creator of The Byrd Collective, pens a beautiful blog "Diary of a Byrd," with everything from her personal thoughts, to her gorgeous kids, to her insanely lovely floral creations. I have always admired floral designers and Ash is no exception. Her ability to create stunning arrangements intrigues me so much. Each design is a work of art.

8. Lindsay Széchényi is a talented seamstress who also runs her own quilting company, Eileen Quilts. I love getting to see pictures of the finished quilts as well as her own crafts. The photos on her blog, Fifteen Sixteen, are stunning. Love the way she captures her two little girls. Her home is lovely, too. She has a great eye for color and making everyday things like waffles look glamorous.

now go explore! what are some of your favorite blogs?

1. pencil box | 2. oh joy! | 3. you are my fave | 4. love and lemons | 5. yvestown | 6. 100 layer cake-let | 7. the byrd collective | 8. fifteen sixteen

*note: I don't know any of the first six bloggers personally, I have plenty of blog favorites that I love written by people that I love and I just couldn't narrow it down to six as requested. The last two blogs are bloggers that I admire that I also know that are taking the class with me (we had to choose two classmates as part of the assignment). I hope to get a proper blogroll up soon!

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  1. a few of these blogs are new-to-me so and I will definitely check them out!

  2. A few are new to me too! Thank you so much for sharing! I will check them out today :).

  3. WOW!
    What a great collection :-) Thank you for sharing. There are some I didn't know.

  4. I'm interested to hear more about this blogging class that you're taking. It sounds really good!


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