Miss Phoebe Lynn is four months old. She is killing me with her over-sized grins and new deep little chuckle that she does. It's cuteness personified. Seriously. With her personality starting to shine through it's fun to see what tickles her and what catches her eye. She has started to grab for things and is learning how to hold little toys and hair and whatever else makes its way into her zone. She wiggles all over the place and twists and turns and rolls over. She's exploring everything and lights up when she sees a face she knows (oh the looks she gives her sister. melt.) or hears a familiar voice.
I mean just check out how big her smiles are. How could I not be happy when I catch a glimpse of one of those? Babies are healing creatures. They soften the hardest of hearts and comfort those that are having a hard time. There is just this pure joy that oozes out of Bee. I wish I could bottle it. The only thing that's been a little tricky lately is the no nap situation and it takes up to two hours to get her down for bed at night. She was just hangin' her hat each night at 7 and now it's a full on ordeal. I remembered Matilda going through something similar at this age... "the four-month wakeful period." It's when babies start really absorbing the world around them and they want to be up and active throughout the day (and sometimes night). Woo.
Another little interesting hurdle we're facing is that Phoebe hates the bottle so it's difficult to leave her for longer than an hour or so. She gags and screams. It's quite the event. All the hiccups aside, there is nothing better than seeing that little glowy face in the morning and kissing her chubby cheeks. She's completely edible. I'm excited to go to her check up tomorrow to see how she has grown. I have a feeling it's going to be a lot. She weighs about half of what her four year old string bean sister weighs. Ha!
Thank you all for the love and prayers for Justin (Sam's friend). He still needs them in a big way. He underwent a seven hour surgery yesterday which was exploratory. He has more broken bones than they realized and a nearly severed spinal cord. The chances are slim that he will walk again but I am very hopeful. He's a strong and determined person. I'm trying to set up some fundraising efforts to help support him. He unfortunately does not have insurance. I will keep you posted on that, but for now please continue to pray for healing, for peace, for him to feel loved and supported. Sam has barely left his side and could also use your prayers. Thank you so, so much.

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  1. I hope Justin gets through this without too much suffering. I am very sorry that he is going through so much pain. He is lucky to have Sam, who is an incredibly loyal and caring person to have as a friend. I wish him the best of luck and a speedy recovery!!!

  2. She is so, so beautiful! Nothing better than a big baby smile! Prayers for you and yours.

  3. She's cute, cute, cute!!! Hope the naps and bedtime get easier soon- I'm sure they will!

  4. oh the sweetness! that crinkle nose! baby tummy! sock feet!

  5. praying for your friend, Sam and your family. Hang on tight to your blessings right now. They will carry you through the dark times.

  6. Such a cutie! Love the pattern mixing.

    I am so sorry to hear about your friend. Sending healing thoughts his and your family's way.


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