This is was dinner time looks like right now. Matilda has been snacking on junk in the afternoon. The guys have been doing the grocery shopping while they're out from working on the house. I miss getting all of my beautiful produce from Harry's. Sigh. Also, how does one shop with a baby and a child? Seriously. Maybe I need to just strap on the carrier?

So, as soon as dinner time comes around it's all, "Matilda, take five bites." "No, Mama four bites." I caught her holding up her tiny four fingers in the photo above. Matilda has been under the weather for days and now I've gotten it. Soup for dinner, it was.

The guys have been repairing the kitchen floors where the floor joists were barely attached. Sam was down on the ground (in the dirt) repairing them. He looked like a chimney sweeper. He found some really old stuff down there too, an old spoon and an old railroad tie. It's fun to think about what life would have been like back then.

As quickly as things are coming along, some days it still feels like it will never happen. I'm just missing a sense of normal and my robe. I really want my robe.

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  1. So sweet! Matilda is so pretty :)

    I personally just try not to shop alone with both kids. Especially grocery shopping, I think it would be too crazy. I need to be able to examine the vegetables without making sure Vada doesn't run away. (OR TAKE BITES OUT OF THE PRODUCE, which she has done. Just walked right up and took a bite out of a broccoli. HAHA) I go run errands or grocery shop really quickly after Liza wakes up from her first nap, before I have to pick Vada up from school. I have gone to Target with both of them a few times. I put Vada in the normal seat area then put Liza's carseat behind that, sideways in the cart. Not actually inside the cart but like propped up on the edges of the cart. Does that make sense?

    1. i thought for sure you were going to say an apple... broccoli!!! bahaha. at least she's a good eater!

  2. i'm still mustering the courage to shop with ONE child!
    it is so neat to think of the stories those walls could tell..and now to think you will be adding your own history to it soon!

  3. OMG the commenter above has a daughter named Vada! I looooooove that name b/c of My Girl. :)

    I could talk about this topic forever. Neither Milo nor Jude likes to eat (unless it's mac & cheese, crackers, or cupcakes) and it drives me bonkers. Every night I'm with them, I give them some sort of vegetable and every night it's a battle that I ultimately lose. Why do kids think they hate vegetables?!?! It's so ridiculous. I made spinach quesadillas the other night and you seriously could not even taste the spinach, but as soon as Jude realized there was something green in there, he refused to eat any more. It makes me crazy.

    I am dying of sweetness over Phoebe's little belly button--OMG!!!


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