Hello and happy friday! It's been a crazy week at Chez Graham. Matilda and I have both been sick (all week.) and I've been knee deep in picking out flooring options. The budget keeps rearing its ugly head which isn't so bad if you have endless amounts of time to google and explore what's out there (and there are some terrifying floor choices available). I'm leaning towards doing a luxury vinyl in the girls' bathroom and Sam's studio.
I picked out this awesome dot pattern and wouldn't you know it's backordered. Plan B. Again. I had originally thought that we would use this pretty white bamboo flooring that I found for the upstairs. Instead we recycled the wood from the attic rafters. We had them milled into flooring and they are gorgeous!!! full of worm holes and nail marks. You know, the stuff that gives a house a soul. Since we basically gutted our house, we had to add back some of the character and this was an amazing way to do it. So, my point being that the white floors mixed with the stained floors felt really choppy. We only had enough wood to do the upstairs hallway, the downstairs powder, and the keydrop by the back door.
The UK has tons of amazing floor tiles that I can't get shipped over. Rats. Someone in the US really needs to jump on the band wagon. Money maker! I'm thinking we will do carpet in the girls' rooms (for now) and that's where I'm struggling... what color? I want a super low pile, I'm not really here, kind of carpet. You know? Also looking in to VCT floor tiles that we could make into a pattern in some of the rooms: laundry or bathroom. There are some crazy patterns out there like this kitchen below. LOVE.
Have a great weekend and if you didn't hear about the death of google reader, well now you know. I'm using Bloglovin' you can follow me over there!

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  1. What do you think of painted plywood floors for now with a neat rug overtop?I know it's going to look awesome, anything you choose!
    Glad you are on the mend. Rest easy!
    Jayne Barbour

    1. i looked into the painting process and it takes days, tons of sanding, and lots of coats. i felt so intimidated! this was actually my first choice...

  2. Okay LOVE all of these. I just saw the death of Google Reader. I didn't read about it because I was too mad to care. However, just found bloglovin and its amazing, so I feel better now.

    Your house is going to rock.


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