Everyone has their happy place and mine would be the nursery at Pike's. I have SO many fond memories of riding in the wagon as a child and helping my mom pick out plants. Even when the greenhouse is 100+ degrees and I feel like I might faint I feel completely happy when I'm there. Kinda like this:

Matilda has learned to smile for the camera. I used to be able to catch her candidly almost always but now as soon as I pick up the camera... this face. Pretty darn cute. I promised myself that I wouldn't buy anything. I even left my wallet in the car. Livin' on the edge. What do you know, went back to get it so I could spoil myself with this David Austin Huntington rose. It smells like heaven! We are still getting the house ready to close and our kitchen will be our main priority so I really shouldn't be focusing on plants. HGTV is shooting our kitchen for their remodel series. Some of you mentioned not remembering me mentioning it and that's because I never did. Just kind of snuck it in to the post.

We went with my pretty mama to pick out things for her patio garden. My mom is a master gardener and has completely passed on the plant love affair to me. I was oohing and ahhing over the gorgeous herbs, succulents, blooms. So much to take in. I tried to make mental notes of what I'd pick up next time we came in. This whole loan process is giving me a migraine. They require so much documentation now, which I get but it's a total headache and keeping me anxious. Remembering to breathe and trust in God who has gotten us this far!

I thought these ceramic bird feeders were really beautiful. I love the lines and colors. My Grammy is so diligent about feeding her hummingbirds. She has feeders surrounding their dining room, outside the windows, and they swarm about all around while you're sitting there eating or drinking coffee. It's perfectly lovely.

When we left Matilda was soaking wet and Phoebe was a blubbering mess. Ha. That sweet little baby is teething so bad right now and rolling over and waking herself up. It's been pretty sleepless over here which is really hard to take without chocolate and wine (my medication). I'm still going strong with the whole30 and "losing the baby weight." I feel good and I've already lost five pounds, which I know isn't really the whole point of the program but it helps justify all of my self restraint. Hope you're all having a great week!

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  1. Wow, your momma is beautiful! You have some good genes in that family of yours!:) Hang in there, my friend! You have some super exciting stuff going on! Yey! I think I speak for us all when I say we can hardly wait to see what your new place is like! I guess I am speaking for you too:) You'll be in it before you know it!

  2. Oh my goodness! Matilda's sweet face made my night. We love Pike's too, but I've never noticed those beautiful bird feeders - that would make a great mother's day gift. Can you send my husband the hint? :)

  3. You sound just like me - I LOVE Pike! Sometimes I take Dottie there just to roam and around and dream about one day having a yard for all that pretty stuff! (She loves to sniff everything and greet all the workers there, ha!) P.S. You're Mom is a knock-out! Great genes.

  4. I know you've been working hard but still--I'm so jealous at how quickly you lose weight. It takes me FOREVER even when I'm being incredibly disciplined.

    I used to think Pike's and all other nurseries were SO BORING and I pretty much hated going there, but as of last month, I started singing a different tune! I'm way into my little garden now. My neighbor and I are tending it together and we've planted several kinds of veggies already. Now I just wish I had more space so I could grow lots more things! I will be heartbroken if none of the plants produce. :(

    Still have a strawberry question for you so call me when you have a minute. Sorry P ain't sleepin! Give her a big kiss (and Til!) from Auntie Claire.

  5. Oh I so adore these photos! I am in love with everything green house these spring days! so glad i found your blog :) it is inspiring!


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