I snapped these this afternoon. I'm feeling so lucky to be these girls' mama today especially. I spent a good part of last night sobbing while I was looking at a facebook page set up for parents that had lost their daughter in a freak accident. I looked at so many pictures and comments and just cried my little eyes out. Sam always thinks I'm ridiculous for doing things like that. Sometimes I just can't turn away and I feel so deeply for those parents. I put myself in their place and so on. Am I totally alone here?

Today Matilda was supposed to be napping and I heard this clack, clack, clack on the ceiling. I went upstairs and she was tromping around in my shoes. I have always had such a love affair with pictures of little girls in heels. Is there anything cuter? Then Phoebe had a little tummy time (she just loves it). Matilda was teaching her how to roll over.

This weekend we're heading to the woods where my Lynndaddy will teach Sam how to make a vanity for the girls' bathroom. We are getting so much closer to moving in (just weeks away!). I can hardly stand it. I wish I could share more pictures here but it's because we're giving the exclusive to a little site you may have heard of. Stay tuned!

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  1. ah so sweet. P just started wearing my shoes around the house and I can't get enough of the cuteness :) and the pride in her face as she toddles along.

  2. Precious pictures! Have fun this weekend! Can't wait to see the house.

  3. You're not alone. I do the same, putting myself in those precious parents' place. It sure makes me grateful for each day I have with my little one. On a much lighter note, I'm looking forward to seeing all you have done with your house. My husband and I did a mini renovation on a bungalow a few streets away. It's hard work, but so worth it in the end. Your girls are adorable!

    1. thanks kathleen! that's so cool. hate to ask where on the internet, but hopefully we'll meet you soon. :)

  4. Oh God I do the same thing on Facebook. It's like a sickness. For the most part, I can't look. And when I do, I can't stop because I don't want those poor parents to be alone (as if they know I'm there...). My husband also wishes I would stop... I was reading one the other night at 10:00 and I almost went and woke Jack up so I could snuggle and love on him. Sniff.

  5. Just happened to come by your blogg as I was flicking through bloggs after having spent hours working on mine. I like the way you write, uncomplicated and entertaining. And your photos are lovely. I am still learning, I started my blogg just over a month ago.
    I am also a great fan of photography and I also edit pictures, for my own pleasure but also for friends that send their photos to me with a wish for this or that special effect. I enjoy it.
    I write also about living with Asperger syndrome and ad/hd that I was diagnosed with three years ago, it is difficult for me to know how much to write to make myself understood. I think my comment is longer than anybody else´s.....
    well, I am Swedish and live in Sweden so off course my blogg is written mainly in Swedish so I don´t guess anybody writing here would read it. Anyway, I just wanted to tell you that you have a nice blogg. And also, I lived in Marietta, Atlanta, for a year in 1985. I think it was the fact that you were from Georgia that grabbed my attention to begin with. That, and your photos. :-)
    Maybe I will drop by again...


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