It's finally happened. My brain has stopped working. I literally can not make another decision. It was tough being at the house this weekend, reeling from choices I've made that I wasn't 100% sold on. Renovating with two little ones is... nearly impossible. Not totally impossible because as you can see I am doing it, but it is taking its toll. I feel like Sam and I haven't had a conversation in months. Egads. I just want to lock in an amazing interest rate and close without any issues. Amen.

I'm at the point where I just want to decorate. You know? Just make the space feel like home. Isn't this nursery incredible? My friend Joni always knocks it out of the park. I love these custom made prints over the changing table. Killer. My brain is in overdrive thinking about what to put and where. I've had so much fun hitting up estate sales and looking online for new treasures.

I've been dwelling over stain choices. I originally wanted to pickle the floors and the more I talked with my contractor and researched the process, we're now exploring other options. While I love the light floors, our 100 year old boards have taken a beating and the addition has oak instead of pine and I want them to look as uniform as possible. Do you have a stain color that you love?

ps I've recently had conversations with friends and siblings about the humor (or in some cases notsomuch) of speaking in hashtags. Ha!

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  1. I love Joni's new nursery, especially those custom prints and wallpaper. And can I just say, I'm with you on the decorating/decision making. My husband and I are in the process of renovating our home and I'm up to my ears in paint, grout, tile colors and every decision in between. I can't imagine juggling two littles in the process, because juggling two jobs is hard enough for me.

  2. We're attempting to renovate with a 3 month old! Luckily, it's just the basement, our bathroom, and the exterior, but it's still not easy having to stop every time she wakes up and is ready for a feeding. And then you've got a baby to entertain. But alas, it will get done. I couldn't imagine doing this with two little ones! You are brave, but in the end it'll all be worth it!

  3. Speaking in hash tags is hilaaaaarious. :) #hehe

    I'm amazed by all that you know about homes and renovations. I have no idea what floor pickling is or what is the difference between types of wood or any of that. You're so far ahead of me (in many ways haha)! I would be embarrassed for you to see my apartment. :|

    Glad we got to talk the other day--love you lots!


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