HAPPY FRIDAY friends! If you thought this day would never come then high five! We've had an interesting week on the renovation. Turns out 100 year old floor boards sometimes have nails sticking up that aren't friends will sanders. Um yeah. That has set every thing back a couple of days. Good thing I have a few more days to second guess my stain choice. Do these people know the agony of second guessing?! No, they do not.

I've decided to have a determined day to unplug on the weekends. To get all old fashioned with books and the like. I think saturday would be a good choice because I usually play "work catchup" on sunday when I have a little help from Sam. We are wanting so badly to get back to normal here soon. We feel completely blessed to have been given the opportunity to do this, I'm just ready. I've got spring fever too which doesn't help. Looks like we are weeks away from our HGTV remodel shoot. This is not terrifying at all...

That's all I got. Oh, I am also starting Whole30 (from the book It Starts with Food) this week. Have you heard of it? It's basically the way we used to eat (and will be eating!) in book form. I'm really looking forward to be able to wear my old clothes. Turns out wearing the same big girl jeans every day isn't really making me feel so pretty. If you have any great recipes (this crab cake one looks delish), please send them my way!

Have a great weekend! Have a margarita or something festive for me please!

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  1. i must have missed the hgtv thing..that's awesome, lesley! so happy and excited for you guys! i can't wait for the big reveal.

    ps i got a little chuckle out of your label for this post. i can think of a lot of posts i've written that could totally use a 'losing my sanity' label ;)


  2. every time i have a sugar craving i make either baked grapefruit or i just saw raspberries stuffed with a single organic dark chocolate chip. going to try that! can't wait to hear about it!


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