Bee is six whole months old. What a blur these six months have been. I was talking to a dear friend earlier today about how crazy life has been and how Phoebe's babyhood has been fast and furious. It's so crazy hard to believe that we're half way to her first birthday. These days she loves milk and rolling + rolling + rolling. She can make it halfway across the room before I come back to get her. I can't leave her in her little seat anymore because I found her lunging out of it. She is much more active than Matilda was. I wouldn't be surprised one bit if she started crawling soon. She's loving floor time and per usual puts everything in her mouth.

Matilda loves her sister so much. She helps me a ton which I'm so grateful for. Sometimes she's over the whole baby thing and then other times I catch these moments of total bliss. Sweet sisters. The other day in the car I heard her talking to Phoebe and it was just hilarious. That kid. Matilda is a total, total trip. She makes me laugh all the time which comes in handy when I'm a stressed out hot mess. Speaking of comic relief. We decided to start Phoebe on... FOOD. Big surprise she loved it. She ate that whole jar of carrots. She didn't blink an eye, although I did catch an awesome reaction. Don't be fooled, she was all about it. We let Matilda get in on the action too. That's her little hand.

She definitely got a bath tonight. I can't wait to start introducing all kinds of new flavors to our budding foodie. I've been reading this book on baby purees and I'll be sharing some favorites soon. Wish us luck as we get closer and closer to moving in. We have a projected closing date... finally. xo

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  1. she's so adorable, lesley!

  2. It's so nice that you're involving big sis in Bee's milestones (food). She looks like she did a good job too, I'm sure I make more mess then that on my son - hehe.
    Happy six months Bee!


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