Love the father's in my life. So blessed to have Sam as the head of our household and my baby Daddy. He is so much fun with the girls and loving and tender. You know how some guys are just amazing girl daddies? That's Sam. He gets us. He loves us. He listens and is gentle. Thankful for that.

Also, really love this guy. My Dad is such a blast and selfless. He works so hard for each of us and is there in a heartbeat for flat tires, tears, building things. Love him so. These pictures make me so happy. Dad said "I'm not holdin' up the card" and threw it. We all cracked up. This is not my finest picture but it perfectly captures real faces of all of us. Hard to get in a photo of all adults. We're all so camera shy.

Phoebe was a little social party girl and made the rounds in her party skirt. I could just gush over my girls. I've been praying A LOT about my attitude as a mother. I've been feeling overtired with them and put out and exhausted by meltdowns. After changing the way I eat and not partaking in my nightly (!) wine I've noticed such a big change in my irritability level. I'm happy. I'm loving. I'm able to laugh off the antics and last night I had one of the sweetest bedtime rituals that I think I've ever had with Matilda. My heart is bursting just thinking about it. I don't want to ever take them for granted or for them to not know how much I could just inhale them I love them so much. This book has been really helping with how I approach problem situations.

Rachel and Matilda shelled beans. I have such fond memories of doing that as a child. I made it through the entire weekend doing my Whole30. Hooray! I made sweet potato chips and guacamole to help with cravings and we had roasted beans with the smoked pork that Sam made with his new smoker. Amazing! I got the pork from the farmers market along with the rest of the produce. Such a great feeling to have an entirely local meal (minus the avocados).

We let Phoebe chew on some watermelon. Love. We also got to meet Jake's pretty lady, Meg. Meg makes the most beautiful scarves and head wraps. LOVE the handprinted fabric. So gorgeous. Visit her shop here.  Hope you all had a wonderful weekend. I am gearing up to go to the Summer Supper tomorrow. If you live in Atlanta you should check out the Camp Workshops. A ton of really cool ladies teaching some awesome skills.

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  1. Just noticed the card Dad's holding in the first picture of him. You should've posted some pictures of that PORK, yummy stuff! Had a good time! Til and Phoebe are adorable!


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