Hello! Long time, no blog. We finally got the internet set up tonight and I am blogging from my clean couch that I haven't seen in five months. Feels pretty great. Had some hilarious (or not so much) moments this week with 5am trips to Starbucks to get work done and then a repeat trip that same day where they kicked me out to close. Ha!

Matilda is bored out of her mind and we're all a bit out of sorts from the move but thanks to my parents and serious motivation, we're making a dent in the brown boxes. During the day Matilda insists on feeding her real life baby doll, Phoebe. We've given her spinach and potatoes, peas, bananas, apples, squash, sweet potatoes... she likes it all. Baby girl LOVES to eat. Matilda also insists on eating her remnants  That's one way to get veggies in her. Noted.

After each meal, a bath is required. Here's our little Bee taking her first sink bath. I love that we have a sink that is big enough for babies. Dreamy I tell ya! Not sure when our kitchen will be up on the HGTV site but I'm patiently waiting. Hopefully soon. :) It's the only "done" room in the house so we spend a lot of time in the kitchen where I pretend we are settled.

My little helper wants to do everything that I do. I've been trying to let her do as much as I can without her taking complete control of.every.situation. Lil miss bossy pants these days. #shegetsithonestly. I'm just really exhausted and ready for drinking wine on our porch and taking walks and not feeling like our to do list is ten miles long. I know it will all get done. Praying for a little later wake up call and some naps tomorrow. First thing we need to do... Install window covers! I've got two little roosters.

In other very important news... Phoebe has quite a few more hairs.

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  1. LOVE the new light your home receives! Pictures look great :)

  2. It looks so bright and clean. I love it. So glad you guys are moved in and getting settled!

  3. There is great light in your new space. I think we are all looking forward to y'all being settles as much as you are, because frankly, we can't wait to see the rest.

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