I thought it would be fun to share some people/spaces/things that I've recently discovered that I think are awesome/ interesting/inspiring. Hopefully you guys can spill on some things I might be missing out on too! I really want to broaden my inspiration because I feel like I end up looking at the same pages/sites/people and don't really branch out. SO, here we go!

I am a loyal Lay Baby Lay reader. Not only am I lucky enough to call Joni a friend, but I just love her unique style and eye for design. This is a nursery she designed for her nephew Henry and well it has me rethinking my entire house. Just love the quiet neutrals and interesting wall art.

I met Elisabeth Wilborn because she scouted the girls' room for Apartment Therapy. I liked her instantly and I really love her pinterest feed. Everything she pins I'm like, "Ooh yes!" So many pretty things. Think Scandinavian, vintage, cool kids clothes. Love.

Have you heard of CAMP (creating art meaning purpose)? A group of extremely talented and dynamic folks have teamed up to offer a series of workshops and "crafternoons" for creatives. Their goal being to "nurture the talents of designers/artists/photographers/stylists/creatives/makers." My delightful friend Krista is hosting a "Pick with a Pro" overnight retreat that I would give my right arm to go to. Here are some instagrams from their Summer Supper event. That's my photo bottom right!

Have a great weekend! Sam and I are tackling some storage needs and getting ready for a baby shower that I'm hosting for a dear friend in a couple of weeks. My house is a good midpoint for all of our spread out friends. Hope I can pull it off! Daunting.

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  1. Ahh! Thanks for including the nursery - you are too sweet!!


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