Lately as I wade through the inevitable insecure days that we women have, I've been thinking about my girls and what I want them to know and how I want to raise them to be confident and to feel beautiful. I already know that they'll be beautiful, I just want them to feel it. I have had countless conversations with girlfriends over the past week about muffin tops, breakouts, sagging boobs, pores, jean sizes and I came to the very sad conclusion that we beat ourselves up! I'm talking we are our own worst enemies. I don't want to set that example for my daughters. I decided to make a list of advice for them, that I want to ingrain in their hearts and minds that I believe will put them on a path to happiness and feeling pretty inside and out. Mothers have such an important role. Let's not ever take that for granted. I'd love to hear any of your words of wisdom in the comments.

1. Pray. Pray about everything. Give your worries to God before anyone and have peace knowing that He is in control.
2. Gossiping is hurtful. This is a hard one because sometimes people just kind of suck but this is an area in my life that I almost always immediately feel the ramifications from. Not worth it.
3.  Brush and floss and have fresh breath when you leave the house.
4. Get plenty of sleep. Good for your mind and body.
5. Don't compare yourself to your friends. Be the best version of YOU. Lift up your friends even if you might feel jealous. "Refresh and you will be refreshed."
6. Be nice. Not just to people's faces but in general. Nice always wins in the long run.
7. Don't pick on the less popular kids in middle school. You'll regret it.
8. Don't let people pick on you. Walk away.
9. Be the kind of person that the kind of person you want to marry would want to be with (heard this in a sermon and I think it's great advice).
10. Have fun! Enjoy life, explore, create, be with friends, make as many happy memories as you can.
11. Wash your face every night, even if you're exhausted.
12.  Drink lots of water.
13. You don't have to count calories and obsess over dieting if you eat REAL FOOD.
14. When you are the most stressed go for a walk.
15. Be picky when it comes to men. If they want to be with you they should pursue you.
16. Don't let texting replace real conversations.
17. Don't let social media consume your life (I worry about this with their generation. Phew).
18. Say please and thank you. Write handwritten thank you notes (I am so behind!).
19. Always take the high road. Always.
20. Love yourself.

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  1. I love your list. Beautiful and brilliant. So helpful for all mothers to share! xo

    1. on you sweet lady. thank you so much for saying that!! xoxo

  2. this list is perfection. i just love it. your girls are very lucky to have a momma like you.

    1. oh ash. you are such a gem. ditto right back to you. little a is a lucky, lucky lady.

  3. Such wise words and a great reminder for myself. Having two girls also (22 months & 8 weeks)and constantly mentally beating up my [new] body, I need to embrace the beautiful and rare experience my body just went through and love every lump, sag and mark. Why should that be SO hard? Especially when I tell my girls how perfectly beautiful they were made and not accepting the same when I hear it. I want my girls to never be quick to judge, to always extend a hand to those in need, to always find the beauty in God's creations, and to marry a man like their Daddy. Thank you for such a wonderful reminder and that I, too, am lovely. Even on my sleep deprived, extra frumpy days when NOTHING fits.

    PS. Thank goodness I'm not the only one behind on Thank You notes.

  4. these are great rules to live by. Unfortunately we don't realize most of these until we grow up. I'm also going to limit my girls tv time. I feel like I was allowed to watch waaaaay too much, and it influenced me in negative ways.

  5. These are things that I am still working on at 26- it's so easy to compare ourselves to other women who we consider to be "better". But I have to remind myself constantly that I am created in God's image- and really, is there any improving on that?

  6. i love this post so much it makes my heart sing! i have an almost three yr old son and a daughter coming in sept. i will keep all these close to me for them!

  7. sweet friend-us and our muffin tops and jean sizes :). i worry about that daily as i judge myself so harshly-i do not want byrd to worry with such nonsense. it is hard to be a female-all day every day-and you are a great example of a wonderful, kind female. i think your girls are good. love you.

  8. FYI - I had a girl!! :) As if I didn't already love your blog - it just became even more relevant to me haha! Love this post.

  9. wonderful advice and i don't even have babies yet. i am taking it as advice for me - "wash your face even when you are tired" need to do this one more often!!

  10. I think about things like this so much. Having two girls always makes me feel like I have to be the best version of me to set an example for them and hope they follow.

  11. This is beautiful, Lesley! I want to share on my link post tomorrow. Also, your Pinterest widget looks swell ;) Isn't it funny how our feeds look so uniquely "us?!" Gah, I love Pinterest.


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