My friend Meghan posted this article on "how to be positive" on facebook yesterday and I've been thinking about it ever since. I totally resonate with the author. I too do exactly what I want to do. I get to work from home and stay with my beautiful and healthy babies. I live in a house that is perfect for us. The fact that we immediately had renters for our other house and were able to close on our dream house are nothing short of a miracle. I love my family and friends, I get to buy good, healthy food. We go out to eat when we want. We are blessed. YET, I still find myself complaining: The kids didn't nap today, I couldn't get anything done. I have no cute clothes. There are a million loads of laundry to do. Kroger didn't have organic canned coconut milk. Target was sold out of my favorite blush. Sam and I never go on dates. There was no cream for my coffee this morning! I can't afford a new rug right now. We'll never finish unpacking. Etc and so forth.

SO. You see the problem here. There are so many ridiculously awesome things happening in my life and I am totally "glossing over the good stuff." Sometimes I struggle with being happy. I feel guilty. I see people around me having a hard time so I make myself feel less happy because I feel like I don't deserve it. Does that make any sense? What favor is that doing anyone?

I choose to be happy. I choose to not take life for granted.

Making me happy today:

  • the earring stickers I found for Matilda. they are sparkly and fun and remind me of being little.
  • watching the little girls in their ballet clothes flutter through the hall. seeing Matilda mimic the older ballerinas with fierce determination. this also made me cry. gulp.
  • getting to sit on my front porch with my mama and enjoy a latte together.
  • phoebe's new teeth peeking through when she smiles.
  • that we are feeling more settled. only a few more boxes to go!
  • reading this sweet book with Matilda. such a thoughtful housewarming gift from our friend's Kate and Andy.
  • no meltdowns after ballet.
  • the cool mornings we are having. unheard of southern july weather.
  • blinds that allow me to change in my room.
  • curry cashews.
  • all of you!

what is making you happy today?

above photo of this gorgeous vacation home spotted here

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  1. I love thinking about the simple things that make me happy! Brings me back to think about what I have.

    1. totally! perfect perspective. :)

  2. We've started doing a "three good things" together at dinner every night - its so much better than complaining about work. Honestly, I think its even helping our marriage.

    ps. I didn't mean your latte on facebook :).

    1. totally wrote this after seeing your post so don't worry! haha love the dinner idea.

  3. Thank you for posting this! As a kid, my mom constantly reminded me that attitude is a choice. It is so hard to remember that-the daily grind definitely gets to me. Lately, my husband and I are trying to sing praise songs while driving to work. I had only been doing it for about two days when my husband told me there was a noticeable difference in my attitude, so I asked him to join me. It is definitely hard some days to praise God when I don't feel like it, but it focuses my day in the right place.

    1. shannon, this gave me such a wonderful visual. inspiring me to fill our house with some worship music.

  4. Ya know, I feel guilty all the time for complaining but the grass is always greener and we are only human. I think as long as you realize at night when you lay your head down that it could always be worse then what the hay.I would love to be a more positive person but I feel sometimes with children its a " get thru this day" or survival mode a lot. Glad to see I'm not the only one trying to be positive or complaining too much. Thanks for the insight.

    1. it's an effort for me too sister, but this article i found to be really thought provoking.

  5. Beautifully said. I'm happy that I have wonderful employees who make my life so much easier. I try to tell them every day! They give me time to be with my family and to live a balanced life. It is one of my greatest blessings.

    1. amazing that you show your appreciation. i'm sure they love having you as a boss!

  6. First of all, I LOVED sparkly sticker earring-good stuff. What's making me happy today:

    -waking up next to Jeremiah
    -feeling Gideon move and kick all the time
    -a cool morning ( I think my pregnancy might be to thank for our unusual weather ;)
    -a good, bouncy, non-frizzy hair day
    -still being able to wear wedges
    -a long lunch with an old friend
    -an handmade elephant rocking horse from old friend
    -a very sweet work baby shower
    -a handmade baby blanket from my boss
    -the sweet picture of Tilda in ballet class


    1. love your list! your happy list made me happy :) can't wait to see you on saturday!! so much joy is headed your way friend.

  7. Hey Lesley,
    Love the video of Matilda dancing. That girl has rhythm! So cute!! And,Guinness just rolls with the flow. Precious!! Thanks for sharing!


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