You know that head underwater feeling when life feels too busy? Yeah, I totally have that right now. I've been diligently searching for ways to combat it and sometimes the littlest things can set the day off on a higher note (or lower - let's face it). After having unannounced house guests (twice!!) last week where I was still makeupless and in my pajamas I decided it was time to start doing a few things differently. Here are my new goals for setting each day up for success!

1. Laying out my clothes the night before. I used to do this and it is so much easier to know exactly what you're going to wear. Especially since I have an early wake up time (I'm always racing the Matilda clock which is real early these days. When I have on a cute outfit it makes me feel more organized, more energized and ready for the Comcast guy that shows up without warning at 8 am.

2. Put on a five-minute face of makeup. I don't want to look like I'm ready to go out to dinner at 7 am but I also don't want to look like I just rolled out of bed either. I've become kind of obsessed with Lisa Eldridge's makeup tutorials. This "no-makeup makeup" is a great one. I adore her. Just a quick skin-care tip... I've started coating my face with coconut oil in the evening ('cause I'm not getting any younger) as well as making a scrub of equal parts oil + raw sugar twice a week to exfoliate. My skin is baby soft and clear too.

3. Prep coffee and bottles for the next day. One of the simplest pleasures for me is having my coffee "ready to brew" as soon as I get up. No better sound than the trickle of warm coffee. It allows me to get right to my email, morning study, or whatever else I want to work on before the girls wake up. I just recently discovered a neat site called She Reads Truth. I'm a big fan of the organized studies and clean layout. Win. I also am trying to get Phoebe's bottles all ready for the next day. One less thing to do with one hand.

4. Take care of my teeth. I feel like I always really rush brushing my teeth. I fly through it. The other day a lady asked me if I was wearing clear braces (thanks a LOT coffee and red wine) so I've been whitening and trying to brush for at least two minutes and floss. I hate flossing. I recently was sent some amazing natural and brilliantly packaged oral care supplies (mouth wash, spray and this yummy tooth paste) from a "new to me" brand: hello. I'm obsessed with their grapefruit mint flavor and how pretty it looks on my shelf (is that wrong?!). You can actually get a coupon for $1 off over on their facebook page (“like” hello on facebook and then click on the “coupons” box under the “like” button). They sell it at Walgreens, Duane Reade, and select Targets.

5. Look at my calendar. Blame it on mom-brain but I can't remember anything lately. If I don't write something down... it won't happen. I've been trying to work on keeping a better calendar. Sam and I have also had a few wires get crossed recently which resulted in a missed date night (never good). Some of my friends sync an ical with their husbands. Do you do this? Does it help?

A few other little things are making sure to run the dishes and put a load of laundry in the dryer and make my bed. Little tricks that add up and keep you from having a mound of dishes in the sink or piles upon piles of laundry at the end of the week. Also, even if my whole house is trashed, if my bed is made it doesn't seem so bad.

Please oh please if you have any more "setting up your day" tips, let me know below. This post was graciously sponsored by hello. Thank you for supporting my decision to work with sponsors who I believe in that allow me to create honest posts for my blog. xo

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  1. Levi has become a little garbage disposal -- he eats more than Sam at a lot of meals. And no baby food for him anymore -- he wants whatever is on our plates. So I went and bought a case of the really small canning jars (half pints, maybe?) and I've started freezing a few small jars of leftovers from each meal so I can have a stash of "real food" I can quickly heat up for him when it's time to eat lunch (S usually wants things like sandwiches that L's not quite ready for yet). He LOVES your chili recipe by the way :) Makes it super easy b/c I can take off the lid, heat it in the microwave on defrost, and then just throw the jar in the dishwasher. Oh, and I use those dissolvable labels they sell with the canning stuff that just come off in the wash.

  2. I love your sweet, beautiful, real posts. My husband and I SWEAR by sharing Google calendars. We "invite" each other to events (which are sometimes only as exciting as dentist appointments) and can always see what the other person has going on. It's always available via my phone or computer. I was slow to adopt it but now I don't know how I would live without!

  3. Awesome! Thanks for the encouragement:) I am a new stay at home mom of my beautiful two month old daughter, Lorelei and I am struggling getting myself and if I admit her on a daily schedule. It is something that I really want and let's face it NEED to do for both of our sake. This post has given me the motivation I needed:) I love the calendar idea. Thank you!

  4. Because I am married to a pilot a lot of my days are single mom days. To know that from dawn till dusk it is all on me was daunting at first but I found my rhythm with a few tricks. #1- I have my cup of coffee before I wake Aaron up. To be a few steps ahead of a 2.5 year old makes the start easier. #2- Joe puts his work schedule on Google Calendar. He gets them for the entire month so I then know how to arrange my month and when I will need a sitter. He knows when I have interviews or meetings #3- I pack our bags the night before. Aaron is potty training so he sometimes needs fresh underwear and pants at school. I am more apt to remember these things the night before. #4- I let go of the clock that is ticking in my head If Aaron has taken extra long to choose a shirt or there is traffic on the way; those are things I could not plan for. Work will be there when I get there.

  5. I have to keep a paper calendar or I don't remember anything. Especially as I get kids in different schools/grades. I have a kindergartener and second grader and then a preschooler too. It's a lot to keep up with!

    I like the idea of setting out your clothes and I loved that makeup tutorial, thanks for linking to it!

  6. I love She Reads Truth! One of the writers for it writes one of my favorite blogs I follow..., :) That wasn't the question you asked, but I find lots of encouragement over on her blog and following her on instagram--and her print shop--I'm determined to get more Scripture in my home, which I think helps set the tone of my home, which in turn helps set me up! :)

  7. So I know I'm not a mom, but busy days and long commutes make me feel like I have little to no time these days! K and I sync our iCals, and let me tell you, it helps. I know when he's scheduled to work late, he knows my days off, etc. We also put our bill due dates on there.

    Another thing that I do weekly is set aside a chunk of time on Sunday when I know K will be around, and I do a lot of meal prep for the week. Even if I don't end up actually cooking anything, having the veggies washed and chopped, the meat prepped for cooking later in the week, it helps. I like to try and get at least one dish prepared or put something in the crock pot. It makes eating clean on those busy days and late nights so much easier!


  8. Prepping coffee and food for the next day is huge for us. Especially prepping breakfast for myself helps me get out the door on time. Brian and I don't share a calendar (tried and failed) but we do have a monthly house business meeting (not the same as date night!!!) to go over our calendars together and also our goals for the month - he doesn't like it, but it really only take 20 minutes - so it worth it.

  9. My husband finally talked me into the google calendar about two months ago and I am in love with it. We don't miss stuff now and we always know what's going on with the other. I was slow to jump on the bandwagon because I loved my paper calendar so much, but this is a lot easier since I always have my phone with me.

    And prepping the night before is invaluable. We've got a three week old and I'm beginning to see that it's the only way to go!

  10. You always have amazing tips! Thankyou so much for sharing them yet again.. I've featured this post on my shout out post!


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