Rachel turned 30 yesterday! I'm no longer the only sibling hangin' out up here. A perfect summer night for guacamole, watermelon punch, skirt steak tacos, grilled spring onions, sriracha corn and a ridiculously delicious store-bought cake. A few friends came over to her house for a little backyard party. The food was lovingly prepared by her beau and Beach Boys were playing in the background. A perfect adult evening to celebrate one of my favorite people.

Doesn't my sister look gorgeous?! I took one of my all-time favorite instagram pictures last night: Rachel blowing out her candles. It captured the magic of the evening perfectly. Happy birthday Rachel!

I've been busy wrapping up a summer long project. Can't believe it's almost done! Fall is starting to feel really busy which I'm incredibly grateful for. Just trying to find time to share some personal things over here. Hoping that my kitchen will be online soon (had a few of you ask). Every site does things differently so for now just waiting. Also have some fun collaborations coming down the pipe and a new 24 hours post to share this week!

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