Phoebe is on the floor by my feet playing with a globe. It's been a teeny tiny catnap kinda day. I wanted to jot down some thoughts while they were fresh. I always have these tangible thoughts and ideas and then at the end of the day they are gone. Gone baby gone. The Lord has been speaking to me. We went to church on sunday (for the first time in a long time). The sermon was on idols. I think if I'm honest that social media has been one for me. Something I put before God, the way I fill the quiet moments. Laying in bed next to my husband checking out instagram. Guilty. Riding in the car with my sister who I never get to see these days, checking my email. Guilty. Feeding Phoebe while looking at facebook. Ok, so you get the picture.

I'm not saying social media/email is a bad thing. I find so much enjoyment in seeing what my friends are up to and reading inspiring articles and looking through gorgeous images, it can just sometimes be consuming, especially when there aren't boundaries. I also struggle sometimes with using it as escapism, wanting to connect with other adults.

I was reading through Lara Casey's blog this morning. She wrote a whole post on boundaries and social media/email/etc. It's worth a read.

For the benefit of my relationships with God, my husband, my babies. I'm going to be working on setting up systems that keep me from being a slave to my phone. For instance, it's playing music right now. Beautiful music. The temptation to play with it, removed.  My hope is that if you are feeling a stir to take a break, that you'll join me and fill your time with things that nourish your soul and help you to grow. I am starting to take guitar lessons with Sam and I'm so excited to learn something new (my fingers hurt!). I also want to be reading the Word and if I do spend time online, I want it to be reading motivational and encouraging things.

How do you keep your "phone checking" habits in check?

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  1. My wake up call was one night my husband walked up to me, looked in my eyes and said "Do you know if any husband has ever sued Facebook?" "WHY??" I asked. "You know, for taking away wives." He walked away & I turned off the computer.

  2. I have yet to get one of those devil phones for that very reason.

  3. In our house phones are not allowed in the bedroom. We were spending the time before falling asleep checking our social media sites rather than talking to each other or God. Since starting this rule it's made a huge change in how I sleep and night and the connection I feel with my husband.

  4. Not having a smartphone helps, although I do have an iPad mini, which is just as bad sometimes. When I was home with the baby all day, I definitely got sucked in more. I am especially guilty while breastfeeding.

  5. Everyone struggles with this at times I think! Its just something that is so present in our lives right now, its hard! Hubs and I made some rules for ourselves. No two screens at once, meaning if the TV is on, the phone is not being played with. On the computer? No touching the phone, and turn the TV off. The only exception is for phone calls and texts. We also take a real Sabbath, or we try to. God made the Sabbath for a purpose!! He tells us to rest because He knows we need it, and bc we have to trust Him during that rest (This is especially hard for Work From Home/Self Employed peeps, but SO important.) We should take advantage. No Social Media on Sundays.


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