My little Matilda is somehow almost five and starting pre-k this week. She is currently obsessed with fairy costumes (as seen above!), fairies (she loves to draw them on her chalk board), ballet and dancing to ballet music, angelina ballerina, and being big. Sigh. She wants me to weigh her and measure her all the time. She'll stand next to the fridge with her little hand resting on her head, "Mama, how many pounds do I weigh"? We haven't quite mastered "measure" and "weigh." :) When she is in her element she is irresistible. Matilda is warm and gracious and doesn't know a stranger. She's equally comfortable with adults and kids. She loves her baby sister, even if she's a little rough with her sometimes... She is spirited (which I know will carry her far) and quite sassy these days. She starts sentences with "Let me tell you something," "If chicken is yum then I eat it, if it's yuck then I don't."

I am thrilled to be able to walk with Matilda to school. It is so special and fleeting I know. I have been squirreling away tiny memories and fleeting thoughts and burying them in my heart. On the way home today Matilda wanted to stop and rest, I've been feeling a little under the weather (go figure just as school is starting - here we go!), she wasn't coming so I told her that I was leaving and she'd have to stay or come. She said, "Mama, I gave up my mind, I'm coming." I knew exactly what she meant. Head strong, just like her Mama.

Praying that this school year is a sweet one. for protection over my little one when she's away from me, for the teachers who help mold and shape her, for wonderful friends, joy, and that she would stay curious about the world and the things in it and things she can't see too.

My heart has been heavy this week with two missing girls showing up in my social media feeds. Praying for their safe returns: Indica Huddleston and Stella Rachael Schaefer - Cawthon. I had a talk with Matilda about strangers. I don't want to scare her, but I also want to keep her safe. Have you had these talks? How did you handle it? I am frightened by men having access to these young, impressionable girls through the internet especially. I know we are not there yet, but it's something I think about often... I struggle with how much to share on here even, I hate to live in fear but it's a reality.

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  1. You'll be so glad someday that you wrote all these little things down about M. I have cousins that are her age and the things they say can be so tender at times and at others so funny. It feels like a time when they are really establishing a personality and that is really cool to watch and be a part of.

  2. She's such a straight shooter-love it. I pray for your girls and all the girls we know and love-that they will be kept safe from harm over the years.


  3. i talked with parker about strangers. we came up with a secret word. if ever anyone came to pick her up they would need to know the secret word. my mom did this with us as kids.

  4. They grow up fast and do say the cutest things, right? We borrowed this book from the library and Luke responded well to it. I know it's so scary to even think about this topic but it's definitely important to address early.


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