I cannot believe that Phoebe is NINE months old today. Holy time trip. This year has been a blur, a really good blur. Bee just started sitting up in the bath all by herself which was super scary the first couple of times (picture me hunched over with both hands ready to save her). Now she is an old pro and even crawls in the bath sometimes (equally scary). I love it because I can just hang back and admire the cuteness in front of me while the girls play.

I'm always on the hunt for good smelling bath stuff that is not an arm and a leg (read: doesn't cost $20 a bottle). I am a total fan girl of the Yes to line.  Have you ever tried their stuff? I love their chapstick and The Yes to Carrots shampoo and conditioner is totally my jam. P.S. Great for getting out tangles if that's an issue at your house, too. Sheesh, tangles are the worst. Matilda at any given time looks like she has one or two dreads. Not fun. P.P.S., it's like 99% natural which is about as good as you're going to get without making it yourself.

The other day we got a fun package of the newest body washes from Yes to: Yes to Carrots, Yes to Cucumber, Yes to Blueberries, and Yes to Grapefruit (coupon code below!). Out of sheer curiosity I had each of my family members pick their favorite scent. Fascinating to me what smells are appealing to others. Yeah? I also let my friend Lindsey pick her favorite... she loved the carrots and was not a fan of the cucumber. SO interesting to me. Here were our favorites in no order really:

I'm going to start by sharing my favorite: Cucumber. That's right. So fresh and so clean, clean. Love the green tea and cucumber combo. Go figure, I need all the relaxing calm that I can get these days. Zen vibes if you will. It's great for sensitive skin and can also be used for a bubble bath. If I had to choose a second favorite it would be the Grapefruit. Yum.

Matilda naturally gravitated towards the pink bottle. Her fave is youguessedit: Grapefruit. We used it the other day and she was in heaven. Grapefruit heaven. I love that I can use the Yes to products on my girls and not have to worry about it. Ya know? This body wash will really perk you up with the citrus scent and it also exfoliates naturally. Win.

Sam loved their classic carrot scent (not very "perfumy"). It's great for nourishing the skin and really does smell amazing.

For Phoebe I love the blueberry. This rich and creamy shea butter wash is super moisturizing for that delicate baby skin and yep it smells divine.

Yes to is offering an awesome coupon right now. Pick your two favorites and go here to enter coupon code: Y2LINQ for your savings of buy one, get one 50% off. Woohoo! This code is exclusive and only available through my partnership with Yes to.

This post is sponsored by Yes to. As always I appreciate you letting me work with sponsors that align with the vision of my blog. These are my personal opinions. I would never share anything that I didn't think was truly great. What are some of your favorite bath products?!

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  1. I love the Yes To: stuff! The Yes to Grapefruit is my favorite. I've been using the facial wipes to take off makeup in the evening when I'm too tired to do a full face wash and I swear they've cleared up my skin and given me a wonderful glow. Thanks for sharing the coupon code with us.

    1. Ooh, sounds awesome! Thanks for the tip, lady!

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