These pictures of Phoebe pretty much sum up our baby girl these days. She has so much personality and she's incredibly curious about her new world now that she's mobile. Her spiky hairs kill me. I mean, come on. She's wearing one of my favorite hand-me-down dresses from Matilda. While I was listening to some friends talk at a baby shower over the weekend, I realized how much we've grown as a family. Phoebe feels like she's always been here. We all just adore her. Those challenging and exhausting first days (and months) of adjusting to our newest family member feel like a distant memory. Not that there aren't the sweetest moments in those first few months, but overall for me I feel like that stage is pretty tough, especially when you have another child to take care of. Phew!

Matilda and I ran some of these gorgeous farmer's market flowers over to our beloved neighbor this morning. She's been sick for weeks and I've been so sad because I love to watch her in her garden and spend time with her in the afternoon and she hasn't been outside in weeks. She is going to the doctor tomorrow and I've been praying for her to get well. I want Matilda to be with me when we do things for our friends and neighbors because I want to teach her the importance of community and friendship. She's been witness many times to people blessing us and I'm incredibly grateful for that and want her to see how important it is for us to do the same. She has been asking a lot of questions about God recently: Mama, did you know that God is everywhere? Even in our nose and in our mouth?! I created this little scripture board using these fun stencils from my friends at Handmade Charlotte. God is pretty cool. Matilda has already memorized both verses and specifically "Love your neighbor as yourself." Already He has given us a chance to live that, literally. Beautiful.

Matilda is growing up faster than I could have dreamed. She blows my mind every day with how much she remembers and what all she can do. I can't believe we are a little more than a month out from her fifth birthday. It's wild. She wants an "Apple Jack" party (her favorite My Little Pony). I am having so much fun thinking of ideas. It's so awesome that she's actually really in to something this year. I've been loving seeing what makes her light up: ballet, my little pony, drawing, reading, work books, memory games. She's the coolest.

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  1. Love your blog! Thanks for sharing your beautiful life. i am in the thick of things - a newborn and a 3.5 year old and I'm exhausted but know that "this too shall pass" and it won't always be like this. I feel guilty because I feel like rushing through this challenging phase and not appreciating it more. Anyway, seeing gorgeous Phoebe sitting up and crawling reminds me that soon that would be my little girl too!


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