I took this picture of Matilda because I wanted to have an image to hold tight to of my little girl in her last few days as a four year old. She has on her summer wardrobe: tutu, leotard + tights. She has melted chocolate on her tights and hands, worn sparkly red shoes, a hello kitty band-aid on her arm,a sticker from target proudly displayed on her little tummy (she asked the checkout boy for it), a sweaty little brow and she is blowing bubbles. I let her sneak one of the bottles I bought for her birthday party this weekend. Instead of stressing over party details and preparations I chose to be fully alive in this moment as her mama. "Watch Mama. Watch me blow these bubbles!"

In this season I'm constantly reminded of growth, change, building up. While I was making dinner Matilda was outside playing. I love that I can watch her from the kitchen window. It's one of my favorite things about our house and what I envisioned the first time we walked through it. She said, "Come outside Mama, look what I did!" She had drawn a circle with me and Sam at the top and all around the circle she had written her name. It was the first time she has ever done it unassisted. In her excitement she did it over and over again. What a privelege to get to witness her achievements for the first time, to watch her beam with pride that she had learned something new. This whole being a mom thing is pretty awesome.

Hope you all have a great weekend!

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