Just doing a little fall wish listing...

striped track pants with zipper - I LOVE these for running errands, working, playing, all of the above.
pumpkin pie tea towel - Shanna Murray makes the prettiest things. Lovin' her collaboration with West Elm.
orange socks - I recently purchased some Etiquette socks for Matilda and now I want some!
diamond hooks - I've had my eye on these hooks since I spotted them in Kelli Murray's gawgeous home (her blog is a new fave!).

stripe tunic - this tunic is so cute. Love the colors. Tea Collection is my go-to brand for Til.
set of socks - mini boden has such cute socks. Their entire holiday catalog had me drooling.
furry vest - We just started carrying Bobo Choses at seed factory. This vest. Need I say more?
red boots - I feel like these boots would go with everything.

boo! onesie - So cute for Halloween!
bear leggings - there are so many amazing handmade leggings on etsy. These are awesome.
baby minnetonkas - The sweetest first pair of moccasins. Also these zutano booties are my go-to fall baby shoe.
crochet teether - Isn't this teether beautiful?!

Hope you see something you like too! It's so fun to pick out new clothes/accessories for fall.

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  1. does that vest come in adult size?? i have been eyeing those minnetonka's for josephine and a matching pair for me! ;) they just might need to be a first birthday gift..


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