We had the best time over the weekend celebrating our favorite 5 year old. So many of our friends were able to make it out for her Applejack (from My Little Pony) themed party. The weather was what dreams are made of, the mosquitos left us alone, so many of our favorite people came (a special thank you to my family for all of their help!), and we ate lots of cake and hotdogs! The kids ran around outside and played dress-up. So much cuteness.

We served everything... APPLE! We had caramel apples, apple sauce, apple juice, cinnamon apple cereal, peanut butter and apple jelly sandwiches, fruit by the rainbow (for Rainbow Dash), the cake I had made at Publix and then I put her ponies on top, Sam grilled hot dogs and we had a few other snacks too.

I didn't take very many pictures (and missed snaps of a whole bunch of faces that we love - sad!) but I wanted to be a part of the action and not miss a second (this is why fancy people hire photographers for parties!). It was such a fun time and my heart was so warmed to feel the love that was poured out for Matilda on her 5th birthday. We are so blessed to have so many people that love her like we do. Thankful. This week we are making pink cupcakes to take for her class and we'll have a family dinner with her favorite soup. We could not love this burst of joy more. Matilda is a dream come true. Her sweet heart and curious soul are just a snippit of what I love about this girl of ours. Happy birthday, Matilda!!!

happy birthday my darling! we love you so!

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  1. Great pics! Such a fun party, thanks again for having us :)

    1. so glad you guys could be there! thank you for taking some pictures for me. xo

  2. It looks perfect!! She's absolutely gorgeous! So glad you had such a fabulous time.

  3. Happy birthday Matilda! Loved my little ponies as a little. I hope Ella will too. We are in full on Thomas the Tank Engine mode right now. I see a train party in our future (there goes my hopes for a butterfly picnic...)

  4. Joyeux anniversaire Matilda !
    J'espère que vous vous êtes bien amusés !
    Gros bisous à toute la famille.

  5. this party looks so sweet. happy birthday matilda!

  6. Happy birthday to Matilda!! It looks like she had a wonderful party.

  7. thank you for the birthday wishes sweet ladies!!

  8. Ok. Seriously the cutest birthday girl ever with THE cutest party. You are one creative mama!


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