We just got in from a long weekend at the lake. Seriously one of the most fun times I've had in a while. Perfect sunny weather and I even got to sleep in for  the first time in I don't know... two years?! We drank more margaritas than I should say, took Matilda and Phoebe down to the dock to see the stars (magical), felt the cool lake water on my feet, listened to the new John Mayer (so good!), played Cards Against Humanity (FUNNY and slightly inappropriate - ok really inappropriate), ate amazing food, read a little, let Phoebe crawl around for hours in the boat, and just tried to be. So thankful for my Dad for letting us have such a special place to visit. I treasure being in the quiet north Georgia mountains with people I love. It felt so freeing to be outside and away from the noise.

As we welcome September I'm looking at this month as a new season. There is a clean slate feeling to September that I love and I'm ready to jump right in. Some of my intentions this month are to:

  • Have a dedicated quiet time each morning before the girls wake up. I am painfully aware of my need for transformation and Jesus. Not holding back. 
  • Do another Whole30. Yup.
  • Exercise - I am feeling so unlike myself and was doing so well with walking/running/yoga and then I quit. I was so stressed last month and know that I need a way to unwind.
  • Worry less, pray more.
  • Spend time being creative: trying new recipes, taking pictures, working on my print shop (more to come!).
  • Wrap up some house projects.
  • LOVE.


  1. I hear ya on your September list!! Ask for Him to guide you and all will fall into place!
    Love the photos! So many blessings!:)

    1. thank you jayne, thank you! happy september to you and your beautiful toe-headed family. xo

  2. Beautiful photos. I love September so much... happy fall!

    1. thanks so much jenna lou!! happy fall to you too. :)

  3. Dying over these photos! You're insanely talented. So happy I found your blog... I'm your newest follower!



    1. aw thanks lady! just the burst of encouragement i needed tonight. :)


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