Friday! What is up?! So thankful for the weekend. I think I jinxed myself this week with this post. We've had a few tough days around here, mostly due to missed sleep I think. That's okay though! Today is a new day! Here are some of my favorite people to follow on instagram (you can see more here!). 1. @justinablakely - Justina just has her own vibe goin' on. The girl has amazing taste and style and her little Ida is perfection. I'm always inspired by her photos and have even adopted "jungalow" into my vocabulary. / 2. @annanovak - Anna has the most amazing way of seeing life. Her photos are beautiful, full of nature and love for her family and delicious food. Her girls are so lovely and you can tell her and her husband are really in love. <3 / 3. @rachelarnold - Rachel is a blog friend that I've had for a couple of years now (we also both have Matildas!). We were pregnant with Hazel and Phoebe at the same time, talking about heart burn at 2 am on twitter. :) I love following encouraging, beautiful mamas that are in my same stage of life. It's such a nice camaraderie and I mean, her little ladies could not be cuter! / 4. @itsahuntlife - Bridget was one of my first blogger friends! She is hilarious (and could obviously double as a model). I love her story and her blog is a fave.
This week the pinning theme was entertaining! We are hosting our small group on Monday night and I'm really excited to have them. I actually do not entertain often because I am a perfectionist and afraid to be messy and real and have people over (just being honest, here!). It is a goal of mine to have more people in our home and to be a gracious host without worrying over everything. Here are some lovely things I pinned this week: 1. How pretty are these natural world dessert plates?! / 2. I thought this autumnal table setting was so gorgeous. Those are tiny cake molds with tapered candles in them. / 3. Simple is always elegant. Ornamental cabbage by Tara Hurst Design. / 4. Target's threshold line is killin' it. Love this brass dot cocktail decanter.

If you create a space full of love and character and creativity and soul, they’ll take off their shoes and curl up with gratitude and rest, no matter how small, no matter how undone, no matter how odd. - Shauna Niequist Bread & Wine

Have an amazing weekend! Today is the last day to enter the Maelu Giveaway. Thanks so much for the support and response! xo

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  1. I love your Friday Favs - inspires me to do a similar weekly round up!
    ps - you are going to have snack leftovers from our shoot on Sunday - I hope you will share them with your small group!

  2. Thanks for including me in this!! Also, that autumn table is perfection!!! I think I am at my happiest cooking for and spending time over a dinner table with friends - now I want to plan a fall dinner so I can use this table as inspiration!!! love!


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