I seriously cannot believe that my baby girl will be ONE next month. Seriously, this can't be true. We don't have a walker on our hands yet but she sure is testing out standing. She stands up, gets this amazing grin on her face, looks around and plops back down. So thankful to have her in our family. Phoebe is seriously pure joy for everyone. Love that tator. Thinking of her first birthday... I want to do something simple, just family. We typically do parties every other year, which works great for us. Do you do something similar? We did a big blowout for Matilda's first birthday but I want something more intimate this time. I think parties for babies can be a little overwhelming to those little ones and I'm the crazy person who can't relax and misses out on things because of it. Savoring the moment this time.

Here are a few ideas/party accessories I've stumbled across that I love:

We will probably make a simple dinner of Phoebe's favorite finger foods and open a couple of presents, sing happy birthday, eat a little cake, and say "night, nigh." Phoebe just started saying this. Melt!!

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  1. cannot believe these little babes will be one next month! we are having something relatively small, too. i am not for huge parties, and we have a tiny little place. so only close family and friends. i have been looking all over for a cute diy party hat and will be "pin"-ing that tutorial right away :) hugs to your almost one year old xx

    1. ooh so glad to help! i cannot believeeee that j and p are turning one!! it feels like just yesterday we were trading birth stories. hugs all around! xx

  2. what?! i toooottaly didn't not think she was going to be one so soon!


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