Advent Week 4: Make Prince of Peace Cookies

I can't believe that Advent week is coming to a close! I have loved sharing these recipes to go along with Joni's brilliant craft ideas. It's been so fun and inspiring to work with her. I had the best time at Joni's house last night. She hosted a Land of Nod event (#nodevents). You can see behind the scenes pictures on instagram! Joni always makes everything special and beautiful. I also loved chatting with Anna, Kristin, and Jessica. They are some seriously inspiring ladies.

If you've been following along with the verse Isaiah 9:6, then you will know that Prince of Peace is our last name describing Jesus. For this recipe I thought it would be so fun to make sugar cookies with Matilda. She loves to bake and is quite the natural in the kitchen. She's smart as a whip that one. Because we try and steer clear of wheat, I did a little research and found that... you guessed it, my favorite Pamela makes a sugar cookie mix. Y'all it is so good and definitely not butter free. It's lick the whole bowl good.

I added orange zest to the cookie dough and this was seriously the best decision ever. I don't know that I'll ever make regular sugar cookies again. I also found this really cute crown cookie cutter to make the "Prince of Peace" crowns. It's such a lovely way to discuss the verse with your little one and they'll love getting to make tiny crowns. Trust me.

Prince of Peace Sugar Cookies
makes 10 crown cookies

You will need:

Pamela's Sugar Cookie mix (or you can use this awesome recipe)
1 egg
1 stick of butter
the zest of 1/3 of an orange
things to decorate the crown: cranberries, dried fruit, crispy cereal, nuts, etc

Follow the instructions on the back of the bag to make the dough then add in zest. Roll the dough between parchment paper and then cut out your cookies. Decorate with dried fruit for gems and crispies for added sparkle. Bake. *Note when pulling cookies out, let cool on pan before moving them to a cooling rack.
The babies can snack on dried fruit while the big kids decorate. :)
Enjoy and make sure you check out Joni's adorable crown tutorial. Have a great weekend!!

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