Friday Favorites / Week 6

I haven't shared any favorites in a couple of weeks, so I'm glad to be able to bring it back. Between fighting colds + busy schedules I've been crashing pretty early each night this week. We are all feeling muchhhh better! Super excited about it being friday and almost the weekend. My sister and friend Erin (and her little baby who I can't wait to hold) are coming up today. Praying I can tackle the four piles of laundry I threw all over the floor so I'll actually wash them. Happy weekend!
@blueeyedyonder - Krista and her husband Chris aka Mr. Blue Eyed Yonder (couldn't remember his name for the longest time because that's what she always called him) own a vintage rentals company under the same name and I love following them along on their picking adventures and to see behind the scenes of the gorgeous events + weddings they dress up with their rentals. Krista and I hit it off instantly, she oozes southern charm and I am so glad we're friends. We're even flying out to Salt Lake City together for Alt Summit in January. | @hannahqueen - I started reading Hannah's blog, honey & jam, years ago after she commented on a post about our trip to Savannah. I was blown away by her photography, food, voice and then I found out she was only 16 at the time. She's a wonder kid. We finally met in person at a conference and she's just wonderful. | @ginnybranch - Ginny Branch, just love her. We have worked for all of the same people. We met at a photo shoot when I was working for a magazine called Southern Flourish and she was working for my boss, Annette Joseph. She is such a talent, makes anything/everything she touches look beautiful. I also love that Ginny has such a sense of self at this age and such a defined aesthetic. Very inspiring! | @saraparsons - I recently stumbled upon Sara and I can't remember how but she has these really storybook images and I just really enjoy when she pops in my feed. I find myself instantly liking each one. She's a treat! {You can find me here!}

This week I've been really trying to temper myself on pinterest and not go crazy pinning all things Christmas. For Thanksgiving I obviously loved this pie crust place markers idea spotted on You Are My Fave. | Oh Joy! is clearing a blogging pioneer, I feel like she sets the bar pretty high for the rest of us. This Thanksgiving Cone-u-copia takes something simple and sweet like an ice cream cone and makes if really sophisticated and gorgeous. The whole shoot was just perfect. | If you need a good side for the upcoming day of thanks, may I please recommend this pomegranate, walnut, feta, and wild rice salad? The dressing alone is worth making and we learned a new trick - de-seeding pomegranates under water! This is such a yummy dish. Amazing. Just make sure to leave plenty of time to cook the rice if it's not instant. | Last but not least, I finally checked out Against all Grain after hearing people recommend it for a solid year and I absolutely love Danielle's story of taking her health into her own hands with food. She has conquered an auto-immune disease that was wreaking havoc on her body for years. So inspiring! Her book: Against all Grain is at the top of my wish list and would make an excellent gift. I've also started pinning to a new board: Gifts to Give. Hope to help you guys check a few things off your lists. XO

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  1. I always love your Friday favorites, because I've yet to not discover a new blog or Instafriend. :) Honey & Jam, wow!
    ps. I hadn't see that tip for de-seeding pomegranates - so helpful!!

    1. Thanks girl! So glad that you like them and I know, Hannah is so talented. Have a great weekend!


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