Christmas Card Outtakes

Matilda has the posing down! Phoebe is very excited about everything other than sitting still, even when given snacks. Made the mistake of giving her Puffins so her cheeks were full in almost every shot. Ha! I did miraculously end up with a really sweet picture of our girls. Woohoo. There wasn't any jumping or dangling involved. Nope. Never. Matilda is obsessed with our elf Ook and we've already screwed that up on multiple occasions. I heard Sam get up in the middle of the night last night and I got so worried... he was just making magic happen, that's all.

I am suffering from blogger's block. I think the last week has been almost more than I know how to handle, but each day I'm reminded of God's love. Thank you all for the incredible outpouring of kindness and generosity of spirit. I've been moved to tears by the angels in our life. Sometimes it's just hard to know where to start after a tragedy, how to pick up the pieces, what to talk about. Everyone else moves on and you continue right along in your little sad bubble but as I type this the sun is peeking out. Thank you for your patience with me as I get myself together. I had such high hopes for what I wanted to create and do during my all-time favorite season and I'm just trying to have grace for myself as I flop and flounder for a bit.

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  1. Those pictures of the girls are adorable! And I'm with you on the writers block. It's like so much is happening, yet my thoughts are jumbled. :) Can't wait to see the final Christmas card pic!

  2. Your girls are so sweet!

    It's hard when the rest of the world goes on.... such a bazaar feeling. Time will heal you. Hugs.

  3. adorable pictures! they look beautiful

  4. don't even know what to say sweet girl, just know your in my prayers and thoughts, and just take your time. this whole internet thing puts so much pressure on ourselves. much love!!

  5. Hahah! These pics are too cute! It's hard enough getting our one girl to cooperate, I can imagine the hilarity of two!! I can totally relate to what you're feeling right now- I went through a horrible miscarriage (hospital and all) a few months back, the same week of our daughter's birthday/birthday party. Everyone was in the celebrating mood, and I just couldn't fathom how they were able to go on with life, celebrate even! Thank goodness for them though, because she deserved to have her special time, and maybe it helped me a little to re-focus too. Hoping the magic of the holidays is a good distraction for you as you grieve your loss. xo

    1. i'm so sorry for your loss carrie :( hate that it happened so close to your baby's birthday. thinking of you tonight.


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