Matilda's Christmas

So this is the first year that Miss M has had actual wants on her list. Boy has she mastered that! Ha after years of people asking her what she wants, she now has multiple answers. :) Her really only request until just this week ("Mama I want everything in Santa's sack!") has been a "light up unicorn." Our friend's little girl has a pillow pet and Matilda was instantly smitten. It's not what I would normally pick out for her but I know she will love it!

Other than her unicorn, I gravitated towards arts + crafts. Matilda loves to make things and do projects with me and I love it too. A friend actually sweetly gifted us with these shrinky dinks + needlepoint crafts, which I know will be a huge hit! I also picked up a Farm Paint with Water book which I love because the paint is actually built into the paper so all you need is a cup of water.

Matilda is obsessed with Ook, our house elf, so I thought she would love this The Little Christmas Elf book. It's a Golden Book, my fave.

Last but not least, Matilda is fascinated with snow globes and when I saw this one with one of my all-time favorite Christmas images in it, I had to get it.

I think I may get Matilda a doll (this one?) so that her and Phoebe both have one and then I'm going to seed factory tomorrow to pick up a few fun little things (psst they are offering free shipping on most items right now).

Have any great ideas for little creative girls? I'm all ears...

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