One of the goals I am most excited about this year is completing the 52 project. I watched James and Kelli beautifully photograph their children all of last year and it completely inspired me to do the same. I just love the beautiful simplicity of the project and look forward to looking back to see how my girls have grown and changed over the year. I'll be keeping it simple some weeks and maybe going a bit deeper other weeks. Hope that I can capture them in just a fraction of the way that I truly see them.

A portrait series of my children once a week for 52 weeks.

Matilda: learning how to draw acorns in her new dry erase spelling work book. She is a learning sponge right now but "can't spell all the letters" at one time.
Phoebe: Smiling at her Daddy while she gets her diaper changed. So many teeth! She currently has 14 making their way through.

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  1. love this, lesley. i may have to join in on the fun, myself! happy new year!! xx

    1. you totally should! it's such a cool idea i think. happy new year!!!

  2. I love this challenge! so fun to remember the little moments!

  3. 14?! That is so many teeth at once. Sweet girls.


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