The 52 Project - a portrait series of my children once a week in 2014.

Matilda: Adjusting flawlessly to her cast*. She disappeared this afternoon and came down in full ballerina gear.
Phoebe: Only wants to feed herself. She throws her head back and cries when we try to feed her and is happy as a clam with her spoon and bowl. She switches between her spoon and hands. It's not messy at all. ;)

* Several of you asked what happened to Matilda's arm, thank you so much for your concern! Christmas eve she was tired and jumped up on the couch. She overestimated the height of the couch arm and over she went, landing on her elbow. She calmed down and was able to move her arm so we thought she was fine. As the days went by she began to complain about it and was struggling to buckle her seat belt (this all makes me so sad!). She also had a tiny bit of swelling so I took her in to the doctor and the next thing I know we were headed in for xrays (er "imaging" as they now call it) and then scheduled to get a cast. She has a possible fracture on her upper arm next to her elbow. Poor baby! She was such a trooper. I love her fight! She is just so incredible. She ended up choosing "pale blue" which I thought was pretty cool considering she could have chosen any color. Proud. You can thank her father for the prison tat spiderweb on her elbow. Ay y y! (she loves it).

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  1. oh my! what happened to that gorgeous ballerina!

    1. i wrote about it in the bottom of the post. she's doing great. :)

  2. lol love the spider elbow tat! a few of the guys at work have those :)

  3. such a tragic portrait of M, her facial expression is perfect! I love it. and that right ankle kills me!

  4. oh poor Matilda (and you!!) I'm fully expecting and mentally preparing myself for broken bones in the future with my two boys. Don't feel bad...I have a good friend who is a nurse and same thing happened to her daughter. She went a few days before actually getting it x-rayed only to come out in a cast. They are resilient little beings.

  5. Hi I am new to this space and love it already. Poor baby omg I hate when they have boo boos glad she is okay and I am loving the pictures


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