The 52 Project - a portrait series of my children once a week in 2014.

Phoebe: Baby girl has been getting all of her teeth. This is a rare happy picture between tears. She has also learned to pat her baby dolls and say, "Da baby" which pretty much kills me.
Matilda: This girl. Sam snapped this picture during the Valentine's shoot from last weekend. Minutes later she was on the couch with her pink laptop "working on a post for her craft." Ahhh! I asked her what her craft was and she said, "I made a castle."

Just popping in quickly before my first official day of Alt begins. I've already met so many nice people and had the best time at the Wayfair dinner last night. So much sushi and girl talk. I'm so happy. My body however doesn't want to rest so I'm up in the lobby. alone. before the sun gets up. Excited to share all of the great things that I learn over the next few days. XO

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  1. hope you have so much fun! as always, your girls are absolutely beautiful...and i love phoebe's toothy grin! xo

  2. I love these sweet girls so much!

    1. they love you right back (and so do i:))!


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