Happy Friday!

Happy friday guys! I'm currently gearing up for a vday shoot with minted + Annette Joseph this weekend. I'm really excited because it's all about loooooove and girlfriends. Meghan from Stir and Scribble has created an incredible menu and the other Megan in my life (miss Victory Blooms) will be decking the party out with her gorgeous blooms. I really can't wait. There has been such heartache in the air and this has been a really sweet distraction. Hope you all have a wonderful (and hopefully long) weekend. Stay tuned for behind the scenes on instagram and a really amazing giveaway from minted on Annette's blog next week. It's going to be lovely.

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  1. you are so talented!! love your set up

    1. You sweet lady! Thank you! Have a great weekend, Chanel. :)


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