Home Depot Patio Style Challenge

A few weeks ago my friend Whitney from Home Depot asked if I'd be interested in participating in a Home Depot Style Challenge. I absolutely jumped at the chance! Since we spend the majority of our weekends there anyway, it only makes sense. :) The challenge is that they will send us a patio set (yay!) that we have to style. We have four weeks to do it! I've started compiling some ideas and above you can see some outdoor spaces and gardens that really inspire me (photos with sources can be found on my pinterest page). I love eating outdoors and am an avid gardener. Last year we were renovating so we didn't focus on the outdoors at all. It's a little rough right now, but there are some really great foundation plants. I'm going to be showing some sneak peeks on instagram so I hope you will follow along.

Here are a few goals:

  • Create a space that is kid-friendly
  • Allow a really good flow from kitchen to back porch
  • Incorporate softness through textiles
  • Utilize plants to bring life and color to the space
  • Attempt some DIYs with planters and pattern

I'm really excited to see what my fellow challengers come up with. You can also follow this hashtag: #homedepotstylechallenge. I'll be sure to link up to the other participants in future posts.

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  1. Creeper alert: I'm a friend of Mary Alice's, and I've been reading your blog and looooove it - and since I'm participating in the Style Challenge, too, I thought now was as good a time as any to introduce myself! I am SO excited to see what you come up with. :) Good call on using #homedepotstylechallenge -- I noticed that #stylechallenge by itself was pulling in some, uh, interesting content.

    1. haha! hi stephanie! you are so not a creeper and any friend of ma's is a friend of mine. i am so excited to see what you come up with and yes the stylechallenge hashtag is full of gold. thanks for saying hey!

  2. Ah, I can't wait to see what you come up with!! I remember that one pic of your kitchen with the huge window that opens onto your patio- such a beautiful connector to the outdoors! I wish I was an avid gardner- I get a little impatient with plants, and we have SUCH a blank slate (new construction- the lot was totally razed- argh!), that I just get overwhelmed! I'm sure your patio will be totally inspiring!!

    1. sometimes a blank slate is super intimidating but it only takes about five years to have an established looking garden. get it girl!

  3. Lucky Duck! Your back porch area is going to look fantastic once you get done with it :)

  4. This is going to inspire me and I am so excited to see what you create!


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