The Polar Vortex

Tuesday morning the snow began to fall while Matilda was in school. I was working on a few different projects until I finally looked outside and saw the beautiful flurries. I was amazed at how fast the snow was sticking. For all of you Northerners, I know it is hard to understand the southern view on snow. Snow for us is still a novelty. This is only the second time this winter that we've seen snowflakes and definitely the first time that it has actually stuck around. Sam went to work as normal but it became clear that the snow was only getting more intense so he decided to head home around lunch...

I was able to get Matilda but the roads were already icy. Sam called and said there was a lot of traffic, clearly a "mass exodus" of everyone trying to get home. However, nothing could prepare our state for what would happen next. Sam did not get home until almost 8 pm (he left work at 12:30 pm) and that was mild compared to what some of our friends experienced... sleeping in cars, running out of gas, walking 9 miles home, getting a ride on a ATV, spending the night with strangers (or in grocery stores) just to name a few stories from close friends.
Our dear friends Jen and Willow stopped by because they were stuck by us. It was comforting to have them with us for a few hours before they braved the ride home. Jen's husband didn't get home until 10:30pm. My Dad parked his truck over a mile away and walked over to have dinner with us. It was really insane! So thankful that all of our friends and family are safe. One of the craziest stories I heard was about a woman that gave birth stuck in that mess. How scary that must have been for her! I can't imagine. Our prayers are with everyone that is still figuring out their way home.We spent the day being really low key. We watched Daniel Tiger (their fave), played some music, read some books, and tried to stay warm. Sam actually walked to the grocery store to get a few things which was amazing. We made chili and cornbread (our favorite mix here!) and of course a little dessert... brownies! At about 10:30 pm I got a knock on our door from our awesome neighbors. They were in need of some vanilla. Best investment ever. Within minutes I had a huge bowl of bananas foster. How lucky am I? As of now Sam's office and Matilda's school are closed for tomorrow. Stay warm!twitter/ facebook/ pinterest/ instagram/ bloglovin'


  1. Hearing so many scary stories from the storm.. It must have been hard waiting for loved ones to make it home. I'm so glad your all safe and warm at home.

  2. glad to hear your family is well and you are enjoying the snow ;)
    stay warm!

  3. I loooove all these colors! Totally my style.

    Sending warm thoughts to you and your friends. :-)


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