Gluten-free Sweet Potato Muffins for Handmade Charlotte

Hope you are having a good week. I've had quite an emotional one realizing that I can't quite do it all. Imagine that? God is fine-tuning my days and getting me to focus on being a mom right now. It's my most prized role that's for sure. It's just difficult to wave the white flag. I never want to let anyone down and I certainly have trouble admitting that I'm not superwoman. Oh boy.

One of my favorite things to do with Matilda is to bake. She loves it so much and I love our little conversations we have and to watch her learn how to do something new. I love learning alongside her too. A couple of weeks ago Matilda helped me whip up some gluten-free muffins for Handmade Charlotte. This was my first time ever making sweet potato muffins. Have you ever tried them?! They are so, so yummy and these came out so well that they surprised me. You can get the recipe right here.
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  1. Funny, God is PERPETUALLY teaching me that lesson.
    I can't wait to share this recipe with some of my gluten free friends.
    Matilda is a doll - hope I get to meet her sometime soon.

  2. Accepting that we're not superwoman is a hard pill to swallow. I definitely think I should be able to do it all, but sometimes, (okay, most of the time) it's just not possible. I'd love to have super powers though...can you imagine being able to tackle everything you needed to do AND being able to relax? HA! Those muffins look great, by the way. :)

  3. Totally agree with the superwoman thing. It's such a humbling lesson from God to admit that we can't do everything and that we constantly need him... And I love sweet potato so much, but I've never though of sweet potato muffins! Such a great idea! Thanks for the recipe~ :D

  4. These pictures are so sweet (and not just because it's about making sweet potato muffins). I love that you do a lot of baking with your daughter! I hope to share my love of baking with my own kids someday. I may have missed something along the way, but is your family Paleo?

    1. Thank you Elizabeth!! I am a wanna be Paleo person. Mostly we just try to stay away from gluten these days. One day!

    2. Taking out gluten is a great start, and I'm sure you notice a world of difference with just cutting that out. Paleo is pretty hard core! Thanks for sharing your recipes and fun family adventures!


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