This Year's Valentines

Matilda and I started working on her valentines today (I just helped lay out names :)). We found this really cute craft kit at Target that makes 20 cards. I love that it is store bought, $5, but still something that she can craft and personalize for her preschool friends. I think Valentine's Day is my favorite little person holiday. First of all I loooved making a shoebox mail box when I was a kid and nervously waiting for my crush to drop his card in. Ah, the good ole days. Matilda was really intent on putting all of her friends' names on their cards this year. She has also made one for my brother Jake, his girlfriend Meg, and her dog Lemmy. Matilda thought it was perfectly reasonable to make one for Lem.

Each card will also get a "kiss." Pray I don't eat all the leftovers. I had one of those just really frustrating days today where I woke up really grumpy (have had a major lack of sleep lately). It was a really negative way to start the day. I feel like sometimes my stress is more than I can handle and my family gets the brunt of it when I'm feeling overwhelmed. There's nothing specific - just trying to balance life, dr appointments, school calendar, work, love. I also think I'm feeling really anxious/emotional about registering Matilda for kindegarten. I think she's ready and I think her little spirit is just going to soar in that learning environment, I'm just feeling teary about it.

I'm very aware right now that things won't always be this tricky to juggle. Phoebe won't always need that morning nap, that I won't always be chasing after her and keeping her from danger every 5 seconds, and on that same token she won't always be so tiny and snuggly, that she won't want to back up in to my lap and read book after book. Melt my heart. I'm just a bundle of contradictory feelings right now. I don't want my babies to grow up so fast but I also need a little more flexibility and time in my schedule. It's just life I think and I'm so, so thankful for mine and these crazy little blessings. For now I'll just take caffeine in a drip and do my best. I think a pizza and movie night is in order (and early bedtime). Be mine? xo
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  1. I Love Matilda's little paparazzi pose.

    My mom [who somehow put herself through graduate school with three kids as a single mom] always says she just did whatever was right in front of her with as much heart as she could muster. If Bee wants more books - just do that. Your girls are going to be grown so much faster than you think.

    I found things like using Hoote Suite to schedule tweets and using the scheduling option on FB posts helps me be more present on other tasks during the day. I so feel you on the work/life/love balance. There really just isn't any at all!

    1. she is so over me. that's such good advice from your mama. you're the best meghan. thank you.

  2. I agree the age between 1-2 was so exhausting because they are so curious but have NO sense of danger. Hang in there!!!

    1. EXACTLY. it's the sweetest craziest time ever. today phoebe got in and out of the oven warming drawer about 40 times. hilarious!


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