Valentine Ideas for Little Ones

Starting to think about gifts for the girls and have spotted so many festive ideas today. I've pinned a lot of them here but wanted to share with you some favorites. That footed pj is part of Gap's Paddington Bear Collection (I shared it on facebook this morning as I could not contain my excitement). I cannot handle the sweetness. This polka dot poncho is too perfect. I think Matilda would looove this bag and those kitty shoes... need two pairs.

What have you spotted for your little ones?

Kids ShovelHuggy KissyPaddington Bear Footed PJ | red polka dot sneaker | Fire Truck | Heart Pillow | Red Polka Dot Top | Hopscotch Kids Polish | Where Is Baby's Valentine? | "Hi" Tote BagKitty Shoes

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  1. Oh Im so inspired to get my little man a cute valentine outfit!!

  2. That totes is totes cute (Sorry had to!)! I'm going to have to order one for ms Ella.

  3. omg adorable! those shoes are the cutest!


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